Spotify Releases Long-Awaited iPad App
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Music streaming service Spotify's iPad app has arrived and it's not just a blown-up version of its existing iPhone app.


(Image source: USA Today )   BY EVAN THOMAS AND NATHAN BYRNE ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY Streaming-music service Spotify’s iPad app has arrived. And the music streaming service’s ad wants you to know, it’s not just a blown-up version of its existing iPhone app. According to The Next Web , the new app has full support for the iPad’s Retina display — complete with a full-screen “Now Playing” view that allows users to swipe from song to song. Spotify’s director of Product Development Charlie Hellman told GigaOM the new app is all about engaging listeners. “Hellman said with its more visual interface, the iPad app should invite a lot more deep usage, with people delving into the app instead of just keeping it on in the background. The experience is designed to keep pushing users down the rabbit hole as they find more music to listen to.” But not everyone’s a fan of that feature. A reviewer for CNET says … “… as soon as you go across like this, it swaps albums and swaps tracks. It would be nice if it actually had a view where you could see all the albums in a playlist … ” TechCrunch says, the app has some other shortcomings. “…while there have been some apps created to help with a perennial problem of Spotify’s — discovery — you don’t get them here. Not today, at least. Also, there is no automatic way of seeing what you’ve been listening to most lately.” The Verge would also like more, but says, this seems to be Spotify’s chosen niche. “It just takes what we’ve seen and package it into a pretty fantastic interface. There’s still such a focus on playlists, in contrast to Rdio and other solutions, but Spotify’s convinced that’s the way to go.” That may be, but Gizmodo says Spotify has more work to do, if it wants to compete with other streamers. “The company is sticking to the philosophy that more people listen and interact with music via playlists as opposed to albums. For music nerds, this means the only way to browse through your music is to create playlists for every album you own, or scroll through every single song you've added to your star list.” According to USA Today , the app requires you to sign up for Spotify’s premium service at $9.99/month following a 30-day free trial.