Spicy Chicken Sandwich to go with your beer
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Spicy Chicken sandwich with blue cheese paired with Clipper City's Heavy Seas Distributed by Tubemogul.


Better beerfood Buffalo Sandwich With executive chef Paul Rinehart Step 1 Chop up the parsley Step 2 Ream out a lemon Step 3 Add paprika & mix Step 4 Prepare & grill Step 5 Have a drink Step 6 Plate it Buffalo Chicken Sandwich Plump chicken breasts Leon& lime juice Hot paprika spices Chopped parsley Blue cheese Mayo Kaiser rolls Lettuce & tomato May good bottles of beer Making It 1. Fillet the chicken and marinate in parsley, hot paprika, ,lemon and lime juice, 2. Grill 3. Serve on a Kaiser roll with mayo, lettuce and tomato. For more recipes from Paul visit Paul’s site on the web http://www.onlinecooking.net Enjoy