Spectrobes: Origins Hidden Gems Trailer
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Takuya Kawai, art director for Spectrobes: Origins, tells you where to find some hidden lore and producer Kentaro Hisai explains where you can find "hidden Mickeys" in this Disney game.


Spectrobes: Origins Hidden Gems Trailer [Video Playing] Takuya Kawai: If you pay attention to the details and some of the ancient runes. You’ll see some murals and hieroglyphs on the wall that feature the Spectrobes. The murals illustrate the types of relationships that Spectrobes had with people from ages past. I think you’ll find it really interesting so keep your eyes open. Kentaro Hisai: We used hidden Mickeys in a lot of our Disney Franchises and in our theme parks. Hidden Mickey is a collection of circles that form a silhouette of Mickey Mouse. Emiko Yamamoto: I know that the producer on this title Kentaro Hisai has added a lot of hidden Mickeys all throughout this game. I’ve been able to find a good amount of them but there’s still a lot that I haven’t found. So let’s work together when the games comes out and try to find them all. Takayuki Sato: Another extra hidden feature and something to really look for when your playing the game is the wide the collection of weapons available. These different varieties of weapons all have some flavor with the special Spectrobe power. They’re scattered all throughout the galaxy so have fun going around the planets trying to find them.