Special Kids' Table
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Giada shares simple ideas for making the kids' table a fun experience.


I have some friends coming over with there kids and kids love it with you make there table extra special. So I have a few different ways of doing it, I start with some assorted pretzels and then I take some dark, some milk and some white chocolate. I melt it and I deep the pretzels in the melted chocolate. Then before the chocolate actually dries, I sprinkle the top with chocolate sprinkles and then multi colored sprinkles, the more colorful it is, and the more fun it is for the kids. Then, to give them feel extra especial like they give them a gift just for them, I take the pretzels a few different ones some long tall ones and a few of the different colored regular pretzels and I drop them in this clear to go container. And then I put there name in a little of name tag and I put it inside the bag, that way each child feels like they got there own gift and they have to share. And this is just the beginning, come over here and I will show you few of the tricks. So, this is what I like to do I take some butcher paper and just roll it up and you just want to cut as much put your paper as you need to cover the table. So you just cut it right here, I take the paper I line it up and then I fold the sides over so acts like a table cloth and it looks really pretty. And it’s really fun for kids because it’s not only as there table clothe but it also a place for them to draw and I know as a kid I love to draw so there we go, table clothe perfect. And then I like to pick a theme and I found that this beautiful little snowflake place mats so I thought we do a little winter wonderland theme. Themes are really fun for kids because that’s way we see lots of color and they get into the spirit. So you just lay the placemat down just like that then I place the plates right on top of the placemats, small plates because they’re kids. And now for the treats, the treats that we made earlier, I just place a little boxes with there names facing out and this way they feel like they’re getting a real gift and it can be a snack or a treat for later. And lastly some colored pencils, and this is so magical and I want to sit here myself.