Soothing the Savage Babe - DadLabs Ep. 253 The Lab
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Crying and screaming newborns are an opportunity for dads to engage in parenting duties. Top DadLabs baby soothing techniques: Squats, Football Hold and the Chin Tuck. Remember to stay calm and keep your cool. Brought to you by sweetpeace by Graco. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Brad: It is got to be the most powerful sound on earth. Daddy Clay: An infant’s cry resonates with the next very testosterone and it says to him run for the health. Daddy Brad: Which is why in this episode brought to you by sweetpeace from Graco we are talking about five in that earth to run like hell and to stay and helps sooth your crying baby. Daddy Clay: No, not you are going to mush you on your right. Deciding to share the soothing duties is every practical parenting decision because it is important from infancy on to teach this baby that there is more than way to calm down. Daddy Brad; If you hand off the crying baby to mom every time then moms going to be the one that always has to handle the crying baby. And this leads to burn out. Daddy Clay: It is particularly important that you help out nursing mom’s with the night time fussy baby otherwise every time the baby wakes up think it is snack time. Daddy Brad: Now, you are going to loose some sleep in a short term but in the long term everybody is happier. Daddy Clay; So, do not go for this straight hand off. Now, here are few tips that work for the dad here in the lab. Daddy Brad: Squats, gentle deep squats work wonders for my baby by the time he is one I die so I went like a tomb stroke. Daddy Clay: There are three of my kids were colloquia which is a bitch by the way. So, the football hole were particularly good for me because like this baby is face down riding your form it is like this now some tight cuddle give on your form you do the mouth full of alarm pair a little bit of counter pressure on the belly seem it really work wonder for my kids. Daddy Brad: Then there is a the chin talk much better without a beard use a low soft rumble voice you may want to try instill some values in your kids. Girl should not date until well unto their 30’s, girly game capture a powerful perennial football favorite. 10:00 o’clock is a great time for a curfew on a Friday night. Ties are really crappie guess for father’s day. Daddy Clay: Remember this is going to take some time a little bit of trial and error to figure out exactly which technique works best in most comfortably for you and your baby. Remember you cannot make a baby go to sleep or quit crying which can be frustrating. You got to keep your cool stay calm, take a breath, peace end because if she lacks dad makes her that you lack the baby. You there little man let us go for a ride. Daddy Brad: Sometimes baby’s crying no matter how cool you are. That is when it is time to bring in the back up the soothing gear. Got you all school eliminate rockers and you also got a new fangled blinders these are really comfy but they are price. Daddy Clay: Then you got your swing a classic, the bouncy C or the new sweets sweetpeace now all this can be really effective at helping to sooth the baby. They are great but remember you want to try a variety of things stay flexible and you do not want depend on any one method to much when it comes to soothing. Daddy Brad: And that is all from this weeks lab, now if you have a particularly good dad solution for a calming and soothing a crying baby drop us a comment you will be automatically entered in our product giveaway of the week. Daddy Clay: And you would definitely want to get registered for this some because really good it is going to be a right Brad. Daddy Brad: All dude. Daddy Clay: Look at this. Daddy Brad: Yes. Daddy Clay: This sweetpeace from Graco this thing is amazing it is blowing us away in the DadLabs office. Daddy Brad: Yes. Daddy Clay: It swings about ten different ways MP3 player blow it from either side stop it down. You see it is cool. So, get registered we are going to give one away this week. Just drop us a comment it all you have to do. That is all for us this week at the DadLab. Daddy Brad: Dude you can like hook in your own music. Daddy Clay: I am telling you because you can hook the iPod Daddy Brad: Learn it to get in. Daddy Clay : All you want it which is other way you kind of move with the baby. You got this cute ears which a look really good on