Soothe and Pamper Your Skin at Home
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Beauty expert Jennifer Walsh joins Better.TV to showcase spa products to help your relax, unwind and pamper yourself at home.


Better Walsh Audra: Okay with the Holidays finally behind us it’s really time to relax, unwind, treat yourself to something special even it means having a spa night in your own house, your own time with no distractions and for a lot less money to. Jennifer Walsh is here, she’s got some great products that will help you soothe your way really into a peaceful New Year. So you see how I just screwed that up. I made some relaxation going ion right bout now. You say all it takes is15 minutes. Jennifer: Just a few minutes if you only have 15. You have half an hour or an hour or an hour that’s great but even if you just take 15 minutes for yourself just make it your own and don’t think about the kids or the husband and the boyfriend or work just make it your own in the sanctuary of your own bathroom. Audra: Just shut it simple, just shut it all out. Jennifer: As hard as it is. Audra: The first product and the grouping that we’re going to talk about is help for aging skin right? Jennifer: And this will lead and they have wonderful line of pomegranate products and again these are just items to bring to your home just to make yourself soothe and comfortable and relaxed and the pomegranates are grate anti aging product and they have cream body wash and an oil and even a hand cream so not only your going to get the soothing benefits but also anti aging benefits for your skin for your body and your hands. Audra: Right we’re talking about the benefits of pomegranate, does it really work when it is in these products, do you notice the difference? Jennifer: Actually, and this is a great alternative like all natural, this is no natural product line so it’s fantastic it’s good for you and it smells wonderful and it is not one of those products that is going to smell for a long time because it’s going to be like oh I don’t want to smell like day all day. It’s a very subtle but it’s also wonderfully scented. Audra: Try to unwind and relax you are going to smell like a pomegranate all day right. Jennifer: Right absolutely. Audra: Okay, so this next group of products here is really to help you unwind the aching muscles because that’s what this is good for. Jennifer: That’s exactly it. This is from Molten Brown and again they have a whole collection of products for unwinding. It’s perfect. Just like okay I need to just take this in a shower. They have things for your feet even or for your leg muscles when you really sore if you just you know let’s say your carrying a baby around or if you’ve been walking all day or working all day in your feet you just want to unwind so take that time in the bathroom to really soak up the products and use them on your legs, really working so it’s really good for circulation. And also the foot products, great soothing ingredients you feel like coolness rub over your feet. Audra: That sounds just sounds good, right. Jennifer: Let’s just do it right now. Audra: Okay now dermalogica which I love, love, love, you said that this is called an ambulance in a tube. Jennifer: It’s fantastic. Yes, actually, Victoria Beckham dubbed it the annuals which I think is wonderful. Dermatologica comes out with some great, great products and this is age smart a multivitamin power recovery mask wonderful for after the holidays when you really need to absorb the products and this goes underneath the skin layer and really tackles what’s going on with your skin and then it helps revive the skin again which is wonderful. Audra: Got you last but not least this one is going to take you to far away places, it smells good. Jennifer: Oh my gosh, fresh as whole assortment of products called Sake. And this Sake bath is actually detoxifying bath and let you smell before we came on areas it smells amazing. Audra: It does. Jennifer: It actually foams, it looks like an oil which it is but it actually has a great small lather it and you accompany it with a great candle and then follow up with a great oil. You get that whole Sake feeling and it is a fantastic bath experience. Audra: And if you guys don’t already know, Jen is I could clean relaxation candles everything. Jennifer: Bring it every time every single time. Audra: Alright thank you so much Jen good you have to here. Jennifer: Thank you. Okay.