Son to 98-Year-Old Mom: Get Out
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A family feud in Connecticut has two brothers tussling over their 98-year-old mom, Mary Kantorowski of Fairfield. One son sent an eviction notice to mom on her birthday. (Feb. 17)


**TO NOT BE REBROADCAST IN THE HARTFORD/NEW HAVEN MARKET**[Notes:WTNH-TV]MEET MARY KANTOROWSKI OF FAIRFIELD, CONNECTICUT ... ON HER 98TH BIRTHDAY, SHE GOT A LESS THAN WELCOME GIFT FROM A SON ... AN EVICITON NOTICE.SOT: I didn't think he would do it.HE ... IS PETER KANTOROWSKI ... SOT: Well, cause I don't like the way she's living over there ... BUT PETER SAYS HE HAS NOT SEEN HIS MOTHER IN 8 MONTHS ... IT IS A FAMILY FEUD PITTING MARY AND ONE SON ... AGAINST ANOTHER.SON JACK SAYS HE CHECKS ON HIS MOM ... THERE ARE NEIGHBORS AND FRIENDS ... AND A VISITING NURSE.BUT TECHNICALLY, THE HOUSE IS UNDER PETER'S NAME.THE COURTS SAY MARY IS COMPETENT ... AND SHE HAS A VOLUNTARY CONSERVATOR LOOKING AFTER HER.[Notes:SUPER: Richard Bortolot/Mary's Attorney]SOT: I've been practicing a long time and I've seen a lot of nasty things and this is, you know, he's really made the top ten list.PETER ... SAYS HIS MOM PROBABLY BELONGS IN A NURSING HOME.[Notes:SUPER: Peter Kantorowski/Wants To Evict Mom]SOT: At her age, at 98, I'm sure that she should be with people of her peers, she, should have her meals on time.BUT HE HAS NOT FOUND A HOME ... AND SAYS HIS MOM ... COULD ALWAYS COME LIVE WITH HIM.LEE POWELL, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS(****END****) ANCHOR VOICE: -------------------------VIDEO PRODUCER: ---------------------------VIDEO SOURCE: WTNH-----------------------VIDEO APPROVAL: ----------------------------VIDEO RESTRICTIONS: USAGE OF THIS VIDEO MATERIAL IS LIMITED TO THE LESSER OF THE PERIOD OF THE DISPLAY RIGHTS IN YOUR CONTRACT WITH AP OR 30 DAYS.----------------------------------MARKET EMBARGO (S): Hartford/New Haven--------------------------------SCRIPT/WIRE SOURCE: