Soccer Drills for Kids - The First Touch
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This video series will teach kids soccer drills. Expert Glenn Alpert will show how to do the soccer training program, the First Touch.


Glenn Alpert: Hi! This is Glenn Alpert. I'm with Arlington Travel Soccer Club. I've been coaching soccer for seven years and I have a U.S. Soccer Federation level B license and I'm licensed by the National Soccer Coaches Association of America with the Advanced National License. Today, we're going to talk about different topics in soccer. We're going to start with our first touch that we're going to discuss today. Basically, for this you would need a ball, you need some soccer shoes, you can use flats or cleats, some shorts, some comfortable training gear, maybe a watch, bring a bottle of water with you and you need a place to train. So, its helpful tip, maybe have some cones with you, but other than that we're good. Let's get started. Now, our first touch in the game has to be good because it's when you receive the ball for the first time. Okay there are two kinds of first touches, there's -- let me call a live touch and a dead touch. When I receive the ball, pass through the ball to Adam. If I receive the ball like this that's a dead touch. If I receive the ball and then I move with the ball that's called the live first touch. William, just come over for a moment, stand there Adam. William come over here, be a defender. If I have a poor first touch, William is probably going to get the ball, pass through ball to Adam. If I have a poor first touch, the defender will get the ball, give it back, but if I have a good first touch with one of my body serves it away from pressure it's going to allow me to keep the ball and it continue dribbling. Okay, ready Adam? So again, your first touch is important because it allows you to keep the ball and get away from pressure. Next we're going to talk about body positioning and stance.