SNTV - Welch's autograph look
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Raquel Welch's outfit might be the cause for her being mobbed for her autograph.


Inteviewer: Raquel Welch bust into the scene over 40 years ago. But you wouldn’t know it from the mob of people clamoring for her autograph. The legendary sex symbol was surrounded by autograph hunters after having dinner in New York City, which is something the one million years BC babe is accustomed to. Just one month earlier, Welch received the same treatment while leaving Rodeo’s Restaurant in Beverly Hills. Hey, wait a minute! Is she wearing the same outfit, seductively unbuttoned light college shirt? Check! Black blazer? Check! Are those the same earrings? It’s hard to tell but we think it’s possible that these mobs have less to do with her fame and more to do with her choice in outfits making her an easy autograph school.