SNTV - Peta lands Octomom
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Nadya OctoMom Suleman teams up with Peta to get people to spay and neuter their pets.


SNTV - Peta lands Octomom Pot meet kettle, animal rights group Peta show their sense of humor by signing Nadya Suleman to be the face of their new animal birth control ads and who knows more about birth control then the woman dubbed the OctoMom. Maybe a dog or family and their 18 kids but that is another story. In a bad and intentional irony she is a new face of their latest spam span Neuter campaign that help keep animals out of shelters and off the streets. Something that is so endearing to OctoMom’s heart that she didn’t even bother to practice her script before speaking to the media. [Interviewee with Nadya Suleman] Or she was just so overwhelmed with the fact that she got paid for this promotion and Betty burgers and hotdogs that she couldn’t link to fire up the grill. [Interviewee with Nadya Suleman] Seriously for displaying this, don’t let your dog or cat become an OctoMom banner on her house, the mother of 14 receive $5000.00 and a month supply of meat free food. Dogs and cats don’t really have a choice, so let’s hope Nadya continues to make the right ones.