SNTV - Julia Roberts Loves Her Family Life
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All the latest celebrity couples news from Hollywood and beyond including Julia Roberts' family life and Hugh Hefner's new girlfriend.


SNTV - Celebrity couples news Here’s to the latest celebrity couples news. Julia Roberts has spoken about her amazing family life admitting that she and husband Danny Moder are happy as clamps. The 44-year-old revealed that she loves her home life. Hugh Hefner’s latest girlfriend has claimed she’s not interested in the Playboy tycoon’s cash. Twenty four year old Crystal Harris says her relationship with the 84-year-old multi millionaire is about love. Seth Green has tied a knot with actress Clare Grant. The happy couple exchanged “I dos” in a special ceremony at movie director George Lucas’s Sky Walker Ranch. It must have been out of this world. Tiger Woods has reportedly met with the divorce lawyer after admitting to himself that his marriage is over. The golf aced—but dozens women is rumored to be in talks with their top Florida lawyer, Jeff Fisher. Meanwhile Mariah Carrey and Nick Canon have reportedly renewed their wedding vows in Los Angeles. The happy couple threw a bash to celebrate their second anniversary at their Beverly Hills home.