SNTV - Is Sandra Bullock sleep deprived?
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Sandra Bullock has a new baby in the house, which means she only gets three hours of sleep a night.


SNTV - Is Sandra Bullock sleep deprived? Sandra Bullock loves being a new mom. So much in fact that only getting three hours of sleep each night doesn’t bother her on bed. The Oscar winning actress who recently took custody of her adopted son Louis has submitted finding pleasure in changing diapers and has also learned that a little person screaming at the top of his lungs can mean six things. And she’ll figure out which one of these and fix it. The 45-year-old added that there is nothing hard about loving her new son and even loved that the—have art imitating life. Bullock referred to her Oscar winning role in Blind Side, a movie about a family who adopt a son. Sandra has been seen diving her time between her secret hideaway in Austin, Texas and her store of Garden District in New Orleans which has quickly become a tourist attraction.