SNTV - Demi Moore and Ashton on spiritual journey to Israel
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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher fly to Israel on a spiritual journey amid allegations of infidelity in their marriage.


Standing by her man, despite the claims of his marital infidelity, Demi Moore held on tight to Ashton Kutcher as the pair landed in Israel for what they described as a spiritual journey. These were the scenes at Los Angeles Airport as the couple left the U.S. headed to Tel Aviv. Hours later, Kutcher tweeted that the couple where sharing love and light while in Israel and that they were asking for the energy to forge bonds with our similarities and find compromise in our differences. Rumors that they may have traveled to renew there wedding vows remain unconfirmed but the Cheaper by the Dozen actor is in town to speak in conference. The couple spent much of past month defending themselves against claims that there marriage is on the rocks amid rumors Kutcher’s infidelity. Most recent allegations include alleged mistress Britney Jones telling Star Magazine the couple has an open marriage and regularly engaged in threesomes. Despite the stories they have continued to put on a united front and denied the reports calling them pure fiction.