Snot Ninjas - How to Fight Your Kid's Cold - DadLabs Ep. 248 The Lab
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The battle against snot rages during cold and flu season. Daddy Brad and Daddy Clay pull back the tissue and discuss caring for your bugger-nosed babe brought to you by BabyBjorn. The truth about cough and cold medicines for kids may surprise you. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to the lab, I am daddy Brad. Daddy Clay: And I am Daddy Clay. This week’s lab is brought to you by Baby Bjorn, European design and dad friendly Baby Bjorn. Daddy Brad: Today, we are going to be talking about snot. Daddy Clay: Yeah, it is cold and flu season again, runny nose is in coughs, so I decided to put together a little visual for you using this little bulb. This morning before the kids went to school. I actually extracted all of their snot, brought it in. So here it is, this is basically one days worth of snot. Daddy Brad: That is exactly why we are bringing you this whole episode on snot management. Daddy Clay: Do you think Baby Bjorn is having any second thoughts? Daddy Brad: Oh, I think snot. Daddy Clay: That is not funny. Daddy Brad: Two of their different colors. Daddy Clay: Yes. with three different kids. Daddy Brad: Who is this like, Cooper? Daddy Clay: That may have been a little brain, actually I got sucked too hard. Daddy Brad: It is like 500 points of the SAT in there. Daddy Brad: Okay, we want to start out by saying we are talking about the common cold here. You know the could the gutt, nothing too serious. Daddy Clay: That is right. So, if your kids got a hundred and three fever or higher, persistent cough, sore throat, swollen glands, those kinds of things, take him to the doctor. We are talking about kids that are not well. They cannot even go to school but not seriously ill, not sick enough to see a doctor. Cold. Daddy Brad: Quiz! Which of these cold medicines is most effective at treating the symptoms of children under six? Daddy Clay: According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, none. That is right, after a survey of six different clinical trials. They discovered these medicines had no affect on symptoms when compared to placebo. Daddy Brad: Placebo they give kids after birth? Daddy Clay: Placenta, it’s close. Daddy Brad: I do not know, yeah interesting. Okay, all of these medicines are effective in eliminating cold symptoms. They can have negative side effects, usually because of improper dosing. You know an advisory committee to the FDA has actually recommended that manufacturers stop marketing these products to kids under six. Daddy Clay: So, the most you can do? Hand that kid a tissue or if you are on our household, hand him a chunk of toilet paper. Because I seem to be running out of tissues, I do not know. And when the kids, when you start occurring them to wipe their own damn noses. You tell me that like the pendulous green boogers that are bouncing around their head while they are breathing, when do they think. Hey! You know, I am just going to wipe that. Daddy Brad: Probable 18, 20 something like that. Anyway, when it comes to colds and flu, six ounces of prevention is better than a gallon of cure. Wash your hands, wash them all the time, get rid of bacteria, wash, I like to wash my hands. Daddy Clay: Okay, relax. Daddy Brad: According to the CDC, frequent hand washing is one of the best ways to avoid disease. They recommend the kids scrub for at least 20 seconds. And for little kids, this can feel like water play, for older kids, they might need a little more motivation. You could sing the ABC song maybe twice around on Happy Birthday. You could keep a little doll by the sink and encourage your child to give the doll a bath. There are also some really cool soap dispensers such as squid soap. It puts a red mark on your hand and you have to wash long enough to get that red mark off. Foam dispensers are pretty fun and you could even teach your kid to blow soap bubbles, whatever it takes to get to twenty seconds. Daddy Clay: You know what really gets my goat? Daddy Brad: What is that? Daddy Clay: It is the dose and dump at the daycare. Daddy Brad: Oh yes, yes. Dose your kids up in the morning, when they have a fever and just dump them at the day care. Everybody has done it. Daddy Clay: Not everybody has done it. It is bad, it is immoral, it is like this game of chicken you are playing with your day care provider. It is fundamentally dishonest and