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Comprehensive advice on your computer and software problems and questions, this video will focus on the website.

Transcript Robbie Ferguson: Shall we do Robbie's favorites Carrie Webb: Oh, please. Robbie Ferguson: Just so that we don't forget again. Carrie Webb: Please I'm excited. Robbie Ferguson: Because I'm so lame, it's like yeah -- Carrie Webb: It's okay. Robbie Ferguson: I feel such a dupe because like last episode we had a couple of minutes at the end of the show and it's just like and we could have done it -- Carrie Webb: We could have definitely done it. Robbie Ferguson: But we didn't. Carrie Webb: Reviewing yourself now Robbie. Robbie Ferguson: And some people like oh, I am really want to know what this website is and because it's built up for two weeks now. Carrie Webb: Yeah. Robbie Ferguson: People are really expecting this to be something substantial. Carrie Webb: Substantially yeah, yeah. Robbie Ferguson: Like we have been teasing for three weeks now and I'm like hope you like it, I like it, it's pretty cool. Basically when you had an email, how many times we've got an email that's say forward this to so many people and we are going to donate a penny per email to some little girl with the disease that you never heard of and things like that and you like "oh! I really want to help this little girl, but is it legitimate" and you don't really know, so is the site that I prefer for basically looking at scams, email scams, especially I really like it for that. A kind of serves two purposes to me, it's a great time waster for one. Don't ever bring the stuff to work because like look at all the categories, but also it services a legitimate resource. So if you are wondering okay I've got this email and I'm wondering if this is legitimate, this is a great resource. Carrie Webb: Okay. Robbie Ferguson: So, for example, let's say you've got an email from Bill Gates that says that he is going to -- it's usually Bill Gates who is going to donate all this money to this poor sick child. Carrie Webb: Right. Robbie Ferguson: So it will actually give you the search engine and these are all of the known scams and things like that, that have to do with Bill Gates. Carrie Webb: Wow. Robbie Ferguson: Can you get free cash or merchandize for forwarding an email message? That's one, cash from Bill Gates, so things like that. So you can actually bring up these, so you can click on one it seems like a relevant post. And me think this is how it works, I really love this. So it gives you the claim, what this email and what this scam is claiming that it will do and it gives several examples because there are usually multiple different versions of each email that goes out whether it's true or false. So that's your quick answer no this is false and then it will give you the origins of how this scam came to be. Carrie Webb: Oh! No it's cool. Robbie Ferguson: Or whether it would be a scam or whether it would be, it could be one of many things, there are so many different categories, but I tend to use the service more for email scams and stuff when people ask me is this legitimate and I say, "no this is what Snopes does." Carrie Webb: I have to remember that I like the catch phrase no one has it, that's good. Robbie Ferguson: Yeah, one of them, for example, here we go with a claim, internet users can receive a cash reward for forwarding messages to test a Microsoft/AOL email tracking system. False. Carrie Webb: False. Robbie Ferguson: And then it shows you an example of the email, so this is great because if you search for the text in the email itself, you may find it just because it actually focuses the email. Carrie Webb: Right. Robbie Ferguson: And then it gives you the origins. So once again very thorough that's very detailed and it's got a lot of great features on Carrie Webb: That's awesome especially for new users I think. Robbie Ferguson: Yeah. Carrie Webb: Who haven't been exposed to a lot of that stuff and they think oh my. Robbie Ferguson: People who are new to email and surprise, surprise there are actually people who are new to email. Carrie Webb: Yes. Robbie Ferguson: Seriously. Carrie Webb: My mother. Robbie Ferguson: Yeah. Carrie Webb: Yes. Robbie Ferguson: Is she on the email now? Carrie Webb: She is. Robbie Ferguson: That's pretty cool. Carrie Webb: Yes and she likes it. Robbie Ferguson: Yeah. Carrie Webb: I love showing my mom stuff on the computer because I don't know that much. Robbie Ferguson: Yeah, Yeah. Carrie Webb: And she wants to like find some lyrics to a song, so I Google that right and then I cut and paste to a word document, she was thrilled to pieces it was fantastic. Robbie Ferguson: Wonderful. Carrie Webb: That made her feel awesome. Robbie Ferguson: She probably thinks that you were like some kind of super gig. Carrie Webb: I think so -- Robbie Ferguson: It's like my daughter is the co-host of category5. Carrie Webb: She can cut and paste. Robbie Ferguson: So she probably thinks -- have you told her that you don't know much? Carrie Webb: Oh, yeah totally. She is so impressed she is my mom. Robbie Ferguson: That's fine. Carrie Webb: So that's awesome. Robbie Ferguson: Yes, that's recommended it to your mom. Carrie Webb: I will. Robbie Ferguson: And especially if you get an email from Bill Gates. Carrie Webb: Okay. I will.