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Smooshed, crunched, squished, pulverized or pulped: what snacks make the worst messes to clean up? We asked this question to our panel of experienced parents and received a veritable buffet of answers. Isn't it amazing, the things peanut butter can be made to do?


Daddy Brad: Welcome back to The Lounge and we are here at beautiful downtown Austin, Texas and actually we are in heaven because we are in Freddie’s place and he has got barbecue right over there and we are going to eat barbecue, drink beer, and talk about parenting. I am Daddy Brad. Daddy Owen: Today’s Lounge is brought to you by Boon Innovations for Modern Parents. They also make barbecue. No. Daddy Clay: They do not. I am Daddy Clay and this is the show where we interview parents about the challenges of parenting today. Get their feedback. And this week’s question is -- Daddy Brad: What snack makes the absolute worst mess? Male 1: Anything that has like a jelly in it. Male 2: Cotton candy. Female: Veggie booty because you get green like powder greenish. Daddy Clay: Anything, candy, anything that sticks to that carpet, in car just drives me crazy. Daddy Owen: I got to say peanut butter is the worst of the messy stuff. You know, it gets everywhere. Daddy Clay: You give it to a snack, he just open up the jar and say, “Here you go kid.” He is probably like organic peanut butter which is really runny and stuff. Child: Like you and mommy always get mad at me, for like when I eat peanut butter and you say, “It gets everywhere and stuff.” So, yes, that is the messiest snack, peanut butter. Male 3: For us, it is really be anything that is squeezable -- the popsicles which you have to squeeze out, the yogurt that you have to squeeze out, next thing you know you have to squeeze everything out and of course they always squeeze out a little bit too much. Daddy Clay: No touching. No touching. Sorry, you do not touch the host, okay? So, you just keep your hands on your space and I will keep them in my space, okay? Daddy Brad: Ice cream sandwiches. Daddy Clay: It is not a snack! What snack! Female: Those teething biscuits. The ones that babies suppose to gum that make the film that just spreads all over their face and their hands. They drop parts of it and it is everywhere and you cannot clean it up. Daddy Clay: Oh, man! That makes me want to go wash myself and my house in bleach. Male 4: Jelly has a unique capacity to spread and permeate and stain and it just migrates across the face in a way that nothing else does. Daddy Clay: Cute kid. I am glad you brought him but just now touching, okay? Male 3: Got it. Male 5: Blueberries. Female 2: Blueberries! Yes, in fact, I think it was at your house -- Daddy Owen: Yes. Female 2: Where the blueberry snack in the yard and it left purely purple and naked from head to toe. Daddy Owen: I do not know how blueberries undressed him. Daddy Brad: Ice cream sandwich is a snack. Daddy Clay: Ice cream sandwich is desert, you hasty. Daddy Brad: I give my kids ice cream sandwiches all the time. Daddy Clay: Have you ever thought of it like just go a little lighter on that peanut butter. Child: No, it is just too yummy. Male 1: Just simple add a cup with milk in it. It kind of solidifies and actually can be used just like an – Daddy Clay: Has anyone ever harvested the cheese inside the CP cup with the milk in it? Male 6: Peanut butter and an open blender. It is such a bad idea you have not even tried it. Daddy Brad: You leave the top off and you punch the button. Male 6: Yes, that is right. Put a little yogurt in, yes. Daddy Clay: Well, we got some great ideas about the messiest snack that wants to avoid here in The Lounge this week. We really appreciate you joining us here. Make sure you drop us a comment about whatever snacks you find to be the messiest and you will automatically be qualified for our weekly giveaway which this week is -- Daddy Brad: Snack bowl and feeding products. Daddy Clay: That is all for us this week, here in The Lounge.