Smashed Potato-Cheddar Cakes
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How to empty the fridge with Rachael Ray's leftover dish.


Smashed Potato-Cheddar Cakes Okay now we’re going to get our mashed potatoes into the microwave, now these guys get very stiff of course because they’re nice and starchy delicious. So we’re going to loosen up a bit a by adding a little shot of milk to them, maybe about a half cup. You could also just use water. That works too. Then I’m going to pop them into the microwave for a couple of minutes with the lid just sitting kind on half on, half off, so a little bit of steam can escape or you could put a little plastic on top. Microwave safe dish of course, pop in there a few minutes and they’ll get working. Now the cream apple sauce, I wanted to do something really cool with the leftover potatoes. I thought, “I’ll make like smashed potato cakes out of them”. You could use them for breakfast even the next morning and then I thought “What can I do with the left over cranberry sauce because we always buy the whole big bag of fresh cranberries and make up the whole berry sauce because it takes two seconds.” So we have tons of leftover cranberries. So I just put the sauce right into a pan over a moderate heat, and then I thin back out a little, come on brother light up for me. There we go. I thin it out a little with some leftover cider because we always have malt cider on every big holiday weekend in my family. We live up in apple country in Upstate New York, so we always have plenty of cider around. We put about a cup of that in there, a little extra sweetener, a little brown sugar because we’re going to put in some whole fresh apples. Hey we, still have apples come Christmas time. We pick so many of them in the fall, we have bushels of them. So we’re also very much apple people. Alright, so we’re going to put in about three tablespoons of the brown sugar. Then we’re going to season it up a little with a little bit of cinnamon and nutmeg of course, here we go. A little bit of cinnamon about a teaspoon, a little pinch in nutmeg, it’s the same that makes it go what is that? Freshly grated or you can use ground if you have it on hand, now I’m just going to let all of this come together. The cranberries are kind of mellow and make a nice sauce and then I put in three apples. You can use any you like. I use the golden delicious and left the skin on that gives some texture. This sauce is a killer, the apples will get nice and tender and just a few minutes and will great on ice cream, or pancakes, or waffles and just about anything you can think of. I’m going to end my butter in there and let that hang out. Now, to the potatoes that are nice and thin, see they are nice and workable again I added that milk in there. I’m going to add low pepper to spice them up and some scallions and cheddar cheese. Go, I’ve got some store bought cheddar. I always have this kind of cheese in a sack on hand because you can do so much with it. Mix in some cheddar, a couple of scallions or you could use finely chopped chives or fresh herbs. Flip them together and then to get them in the pan, I just use an ice cream scoop and kind of smooch it out. There we go, nice and loose and easy, ice cream scoop, scoop super, doper scoop there, give the pan a shimmy shake to combine your fat. Drop it and press it a bit and let it hangout. And then they’ll brown up on the two sides in no time at all. And you can fit a time and a big skillet like this. Let’s get our potatoes out of the pan and on to the platter.