Smartphone Gifts Guide for the Holidays
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Smart phones will fill a stocking quite nicely. Here are few suggestions if you are in the market for a holiday phone.


Austin Craig: Hi, I'm Austin with Top Ten Reviews. A mobile is a great idea for a holiday gift but which phone will make the person on your gift list, smile the most. Let's go over some of the newest, coolest Smartphone's on the holiday market. The Motorola Droid, this is the first phone available on the Verizon wireless network to run Google's Android operating system. This phone features Wi-Fi networking, a five megapixel, lowlight capable digital camera and a standard head phone jack, it also has an interchangeable battery 3.7 inch touch screen, microSDHC and turn by turn Google Maps navigation. Giving the Droid as a gift will make the person getting it an automatic trendsetter. The iPhone 3GS, the iPhone is been around for a couple of years but Apple's premier Smartphone is still on the list of many Smartphone nuts. It's the number one multi-media phone on the market today, it's also the number one ranked Smartphone here on top ten reviews. The iPhone functions as not just a phone but the camera, portable media player and Internet client. Apple's App Store gives the iPhone almost unlimited functionality, it can almost do it all still a great choice. The T-mobile myTouch this is another sheik phone that runs the Android operating system. This phone comes preinstalled with access to various Google services things like Search, Gmail, Google Maps, Google Talk and YouTube are accessible right out of the box. The myTouch also let's you download applications from third party developers, making this phone 100% customizable, it's a unique phone, no matter who else has one. The Palm Pre, the last of the big four Smartphones, the Pre is available exclusively with the Sprint telephone network. The Pre features a 3.1 inch touch screen; it can do almost anything the iPhone can do. It even sinks to iTunes, the Pre runs are Linux based operating system and it comes loaded with all the features you want like a camera, a portable media player, a GPS navigator and an Internet client and Wi-Fi. That rounds out the hot new phones on our holiday list, for more holiday's suggestions since visit the gift suggestion tab at I'm Austin with Top Ten Reviews; we do the research so you don't have to.