'Smart' Toys All the Rage at Industry Fair
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One thing is certain at the toy fair in Hong Kong: the games are getting smarter. Manufacturers are integrating smart phones with their toys to create new markets. (Jan. 8)


SHOTLIST: AP Television Hong Kong, 7 January 20131. Various of toy tank moving, controlled by smartphone 2. Close of smartphone controlling toy tanks3. SOUNDBITE: Daniel Poon, Principal economist of Hong Kong Trade Development Council: (Transcript Below)4. Various of Mak playing game5. SOUNDBITE (English) Kevin Mak, CEO of Maksco Toy Ltd. (transcript below)6. Various of toysVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:You're looking at the new thing in toys.Not really the tanks themselves but how they're being controlled, by smart phones.SOUNDBITE: Daniel Poon, Principal economist of Hong Kong Trade Development Council: "Right now the global macro trend is to integrate the technology and electronics with the toys in order to explore more playing possibilities."And at this fair in Hong Kong it's the smarter toys that are drawing the attention.That includes this toy gun that has an iPhone attached to it.SOUNDBITE: Kevin Mak, Maksco Toy Ltd.: "Of course, we see the potential of augmented-reality and we thought this technology will enhance the playing level or enhance the game of the toy."Traditionalists be not afraid.Despite all these high tech gadgets the fair was still dominated by stuffed animals, regular remote controlled cars and helicopters and of course the little plush toys for babies._________/Associated Press