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Alex Fees talks with Jussi De Fazio about his company, Puppy Pinata,Who Offers Unique Plush Toys For Dogs at the 2008 Pet Expo convention in Baltimore.


Alex Fees: I’m Alex Fees for small business television We are on location in Baltimore at the 2009 pet industry spring trade show. It is brought to you by HH Backer associates, publishers of Pet Age Magazine All right, what is puppy piñata? Jussi De Fazio: Puppy piñata is the world’s only plush toy that comes pre-stuffed with tasty treats. Alex Fees: Really? Jussi De Fazio: Yeah it is a plush toy, I could show you right here and each one of our characters has a secret Velcro pouch and inside it is stuffed with not only tasty, but extremely nutritious treats. Alex Fees: In line of that, talk to me about business over the past 12 to 18 months. Jussi De Fazio: Well actually the products only been out since September Alex Fees: Oh really? Jussi De Fazio: Alright so we are new, but the whole reason. Alex Fees: Kind of, kind of a tough time to launch huh? Jussi De Fazio: Yeah, well some would think so but as a matter of fact we have, we had no problems whatsoever. It is the whole reason why wanted to get in the pet industry. One we love animals. Two it is an industry that it is constantly growing and growing even in these tough time when everybody is shrinking, and disappearing, and loosing. This year we are looking at a 3.9 increase of a 43 billion dollar industry where the numbers for 2008 where just released. Dog toys alone in just the United States is a 1.8 to four billion dollar industry, so yeah. Alex Fees: That is just amazing in this economic environment. Jussi De Fazio: Absolutely. Alex Fees: So what do you see for the future? Jussi De Fazio: Well we currently trade mark the kitty piñata, so we are planning on manufacturing a toy that is designed for cats. We have new characters, new flavors coming with the puppy piñata. Currently we have beef jerky and this here is Pancho. We have Pancho’s girlfriend Lulu, just to give you a little background check on the characters. Lulu here is going to be stuffed with a wild Alaskan salmon treats. Alright it is actually 85 percent salmon. Alex Fees: So now in line with this, does the dog tear thing up or do they just get to the treats? Jussi De Fazio: Well, again it depends on the dog. Like my dog he used to rip them apart and under 30 seconds. Make a big huge mess for me to clean, and eat the treats and then he would carry around the empty plush for like a month until I had to tear it out of his paws. But know his smart, his favorite toy is actually here, it is Señior Jack. It is a Halloween toy, it is not yet available to the open public yet but obviously the inventor his got the inside scoop. This one here is actually a three in one. It is a plush, comes stuffed with the delicious treats and its got a rope as a tug toy, and his figured out the Velcro to the point where he will literally surgically remove the treats out of this thing and then he will bring it to me and drop it in my lap and give me this look like, “Dad, refill it.” You know, [Voice Overlap] He gets two refills a day, and you know its like he is so smart. He knows like morning, and sometimes late in the afternoon, he gets his refill. He’ll just pick those treats right out and he’ll wait till the next day. Alex Fees: All right, you see what I said sir. Jussi De Fazio: No. Alex Fees: Thank you very much. Jussi De Fazio: Well thank you.