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At the SEMA Show in Las Vegas, the largest automotive aftermarket event in the world, talks to Wes Caudill, with Expert Toys.


Alex Fees: I am Alex Fees, on small business television. We are coming to you from SEMA 2008 the Specialty Equipment Market Association here, in Las Veges and Wes Caudill is joining me here. Now, Wes good to meet you sir. Wes Caudill: Nice to meet you. Alex Fees: Wes is a president of his own company called Expert Toys out of Youngstown Ohio. Wes what do you make? Wes Caudill: Well we've developed a racing system, for your hot wheel matchbox cars. Alex Fees: Okay. Wes Caudill: And actually simulates real drag racing. Alex Fees: Drag racing? Wes Caudill Yes. It has a feature a fully functional electronic Christmas tree just like real drag racing. Alex Fees: Just like it's in a real drag track? Wes Caudill: Absolutely, it gives you a relapse time for each car. It has foot petal remotes that release the cars. And basically, our theory behind it was that lot of kids have a lot of hot wheel cars, matchbox cars. Alex Fees: Lot of adults have hot wheel cars. Wes Caudill: Absolutely. Alex Fees: You look at that one. Wes Caudill: Absolutely, collectors and there's never been a real race track that you could put your diecast cars on there and have, head-to-head drag racing and that's where we come in. We developed a race track that you can actually do this. Alex Fees: So Wes, tell me about this. Is this like that orange hot wheels track that I have in my mother's basement in my hometown? Wes Caudill: Well it's not like that or it's a little bit more upgrade. It's pretty sophisticated track, but it's very affordable, retails for under $100. Alex Fess: Really. Wes Caudill: And you've got yourself a real drag strip for your hot wheel and matchbox cars. Alex Fees: Okay, now I recall when I was a kid, I don't know what they call that. But there was something that came with hot wheels cars on that orange track we are talking about the cars went through and it had rollers that propel them around the track, where do you get these? Wes Caudill: Ours is a real drag strip and you set it up and it has it's own stands and it has a couple of legs that you put together and you set the system up and they go down. Alex Fees: Oh! I see so that's how they are motored. Wes Caudill: It's a gravity fed tracks, when you hit your remotes to release the cars. The cars are off flying down the track and at the end there's a digital finish line, gives you the winner, lights come on saves your times, your cars. Alex Fees: Digital finish line. Wes Caudill: Yes, they say, I have an official license product NHRA. So you got yourself a real drag strip. Alex Fees: You say a license product with NHRA. Wes Caudill: Yes, sir it's the official diecast racing system with the NHRA. Alex Fees: How do you go about that? Wes Caudill: Well there is a lot of hoops to go through, but obviously I had to send samples to the NHRA, showed them my product. Alex Fees: Apparently they liked it. Wes Caudill: Absolutely they liked the product, it was very great fit for both of us. It helps promotes their sport, gets younger kids involved, so it's a good fit. Alex Fees: But Wes, what about hot wheels or matchbox. Any success with them? Wes Caudill: Well you know, not really I mean there's some loops you got -- it's odd or even to approach them. Wes Caudill: With an invention, when you have an invention that there is some hoops that you got to go through and you can't just call them up and say I got this idea, but we are in production we are selling them, the car enthusiast absolutely love it, it's great for car clubs, race fans. Alex Fees: Okay, Wes you mentioned you are in production and selling them. Wes Caudill: Absolutely. Alex Fees: viewers where do they go to get more information about it? Wes Caudill: Alex Fees: Is that what is called drag tracks? Wes Caudill: Yes, Alex Fees:, alright well Wes, thank you very much for being here. I appreciate it. Wes Caudill: Thank you. Alex Fees: Again he is Wes Caudill, the President of Expert Toys and his product at Wes Caudill: Yep. Alex Fees: Alright Wes thanks for being here with SEMA 2008. I am Alex Fees you're watching, coming to you from Las Vegas.