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Meet Aspiring Entreprenuers and listen to their small business success story. In this episode: learn more about Small Business Stories -City of Experts.


Amy Chase: Hi I'm Amy Chase and welcome to 2007 SBA Awards in Saint Louis. Sbtv is here talking to the Award winners and here with me now is Karen Hoffman. You’re one of the Co-Founders of City of Experts. Karen Hoffman: That’s right! Amy Chase: This is a knit concept. Tell me about how this works. Karen Hoffman: What we do is we want to help the local organizations and companies that need expert speakers or consultants find somebody right here and there are lot of experts in every market and take a look as no exceptions with help match them up. That’s somebody wants someone who speak to work group or if they need a consultant, they can help them with projects. That’s we’re about. Amy Chase: We are surprised at all when you find the depth of experience here in Saint Lopez. Karen Hoffman: No, I probably was more surprised that more people that know about the great resources that are here on the Experts. We have better flight in other market. I'm kind of a networking person but I would talk to people and they would go. I didn’t know they leap here or write it nor we have somebody here so that it go a more surprise that there was a need for what we had. Amy Chase: They sure what the Home Based Business of the year. What are some of the special accounts or one of the advantages to being a home based business? Karen Hoffman: There are about. I think a lot of the challenge rely is around the balance when it’s in your home, you don’t ever really get away from it. And then years ago, fifteen years ago working out of your home was really that was quite not a good thing and now, it is so great that was technology. Nobody cares where your business is. Take care what do you perform and the internet has just changed how we can connect. But I do think that you know when you wake up, when you go to sleep and the same place if sometimes that’s the disadvantage for Entrepreneurs ans small business people. Amy Chase: And you are in the process of hoping to expense other cities. How do you go about doing that? Karen Hoffman: Well, we’re going to learn. In Saint Louis we really want to get a certain particle mask before we got other market intrusted in us that we really want to have our systems that a little bit better before we go in Portland, in California, we just got different people them. We want those here so we can’t wait to do it. But we want to do it right. Amy Chase: And you’re also to understand the motivational group here in the Saint Louis area ESPW. Karen Hoffman: Yeah, actually I’d never only thought of that on some other vision of group but it is. It is support. A kind of support and telling women that what everything wants, you know that there are other people that will help them get what they want. That’s encouraging sportive promoting women and yeah I was one of the Co- founders of that. I look staring things and I don’t naturally want to run them but there are now three chapters and it’s pet some things that are little bit Entrepreneurs really based on people being positive that’s actually part of our foundation is that you don’t talk about other people and you really do try to pay it forward or help others and it’s been really fun. Amy Chase: Come and you get the name of that organization? Karen Hoffman: ESPW and or they’re not encouraging, supporting, promoting women and we have a lot of Entrepreneurs or our women that want to be Entrepreneurs that join. And there are so many people that will just really go out on their way to help it ans it’s been really rewarding watching dome of the things that have happen for people. Amy Chase: What do you is just like this were you made other Entrepreneurs and get to know? Karen Hoffman: What do I like better just like that I don’t like to care about me? I've much prefer to the introducing people what I love to do and that’s actually why City of Experts has become this perfect outlet for me if I love connecting people to information or resources or other people. Amy Chase: Karen, thank you for joining us here in Karen Hoffman and she’s the winner of this your home based business of the year award here at the SBA Awards here in Saint Louis and stay tune to where small business is our only business.