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Targeting Women. Women make purchasing decisions differently than men. Delia Passi discusses how to successfully sell your product or service to women. From your initial greeting to closing the deal, there are several important keys to success.


Susan Wilson Solovic: Hello, welcome to I’m Susan Wilson Solovic. My guest today, is Delia Passi. She is the President and CEO of Medelia Communications. And she is also the founder of Women Certified. Welcome and thanks for joining us Delia. Delia Passi: Oh, my pleasure. Susan Wilson Solovic: Now I also know that Delia is a leader in helping companies market to women. Why is it important for a company to target the women’s market? Delia Passi: Well, she is the—we call our CPO in our country, the Chief Purchasing Officer. She is by far the leader in standing. She stands more money in our country than the GDP of Japan and England combined. Susan Wilson Solovic: That’s a lot. Delia Passi: She’s cheating our economy. Susan Wilson Solovic: That’s a lot, yes. Delia Passi: She is very important. There is not one industry that shouldn’t be looking at her and understanding how they can get a bigger of that pie. So targeting women is by far probably one of the smartest business strategies, any small business owner can do right now increase their business. Susan Wilson Solovic: What are some of the common mistakes that you see sales people make when they’re trying to sell to the women? Delia Passi: Well, you know you can take a one size that’s all approach to women, and I think that you know most sales people whether you’re a man or a woman or you’re old or younger, they have their pitch and they have you know what they’re comfortable with. With women though, the sales process has to be different, and the reason for that is that we absolutely communicate differently. We hear things differently. We listen differently. We absorb differently. That’s biology. Socially we are more inclined to not interrupt. There’s a lot of reasons why you have to kind of we call it “coach switch”. You just have to really learn who your customer is, and then adapt you’re marketing and that is just as well as your sales process to meet her needs. Susan Wilson Solovic: What kind of sales person does to correct these kinds and that fix? Delia Passi: When a sales person meets with the woman, the first thing he needs to understand is that the greeting is by far a very important part of the process to her because she is more inclined to decide whether not she wants the business with you almost from the ghetto. Alright, so when you meet with her it’s everything from you know the right hand shake to the way you look her in the eye, the way you smile when you greet her use her name. So the greeting part is very, very important. But then the other seven steps where we talk about in winning the Toughest Customer in my book. It then talks you about then how you listen so that she will talk and how you talk as she listens. So what I’m going to share is listening. It’s probably one of the most important things a sales person can do better when it comes to women, also being patient because she tends to take long while in the buying process. And if you push her okay, to the point where you just make her feel like she has only one way out and that is to leave. You will lose that sale. So with being a little bit more patient, listening more effectively and like I said, be a partner to her in the sale process. Susan Wilson Solovic: You know when you are talking about the greeting my dad happened to buy a new car recently, and I was with the dealership with him. And they were showing him all the bells and whistles outside and I watched as a woman came in with her daughter walked around, looked around. No one said a word to her. But another couple came in about the same age was a husband, wife and a child, and boom they were right there. Delia Passi: Right, well eight out of ten women will not buy a car in their own. And typically they feel that they have to take them in with them, and I think we’re still seeing that in very male dominated industries where women are still someone intimidated by the buying process. So to those who want to reap those rewards I strongly recommend instead you be the one in a million salesperson who absolutely treat her the way she wants to be treated. And you will not only get her dollars you will get her family, her friends because women are twice as like later refer you than a man would. Susan Wilson Solovic: Before we close today Delia, are there any other great tips that you can give a salesperson to sell the women? Delia Passi: Well, the first is as you know its Women Certified. You must get women certified because when you are women certified which is the destination side for women before they buy before they choose a sales and service professional. It’s teaching you all those tools basically, and it’s telling women you could trust me to give you that experience. Besides that which is given I would say that, really take a good hard look or sometimes the good thing to do is to have a trusted woman that you know come in and have an experience with you a sales experience and have them really think it better from the female perspective. And what would they do differently. Let them be honest with you, everything from your appearance to the greeting, to how you listen, to your handshake, to how you close them. Be honest with yourself, and see how you can improve that experience for her. Susan Wilson Solovic: Great suggestion. All right, well Delia thank you so much for being here. Delia Passi: Oh, thank you. Susan Wilson Solovic: And once again, the name of your book is? Delia Passi: Winning the Toughest Customer, the Essential Guide to Selling to Women. Susan Wilson Solovic: And it’s available in bookstores everywhere? Delia Passi: In bookstores but sometimes, it’s just easier, just go to Amazon or buy some nerve ball Susan Wilson Solovic: Sure. Delia Passi: Easy to get that way. Susan Wilson Solovic: Okay, great. Well, thanks again for joining us. Delia Passi: Thank you Susan. Susan Wilson Solovic: And thanks to all of you for tuning in and watching Be sure to check out more of Delia’s interviews and strategies for selling the women right here on where small business is our only business.