Slightly Premature Babies Run Health Risks as Kids
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A report released shows that babies born just weeks before their due date have a higher risk of developing health problems.


(Image Source:  The Telegraph )   BY GILLIAN STEDMAN ANCHOR JIM FLINK     A recent report suggests — babies born just a few weeks early are at risk of developing health problems in early childhood. According to the study, published in the British Medical Journal... “Our results challenge widely held views that long term health outcomes for moderate and late preterm babies are similar to those for babies born at full term.” The study took place in Britain. Researcher analyzed data on more than 14,000 children. The BBC notes one of the main findings... “One of the important things about this research is that it showed there was an increased risk of babies being born a little bit earlier if the mother was of low socio-economic status or if she smoked.”   But the risks that come with being born premature are nothing new— according to an asthma expert quoted in an article in TopNews... “This is not the first piece of research to indicate that every week spent in the womb is important for a baby in order to reduce its risk of developing asthma in childhood.” Researchers hope this study will encourage doctors and parents to keep a closer eye on babies born a little early, rather than consider them “full term.”   But in analysis for NHS Choices — one writer suggests there are a few questions unanswered. “Further study in this area would be valuable, both to explore the wider range of longer-term health outcomes that may be caused by prematurity, and to look into associated factors (medical or sociodemographic, for example) that may influence the likelihood of these outcomes.”