Skyrockit's John Vlassopulos on Building Better Branded Online Video
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The key to success with branded entertainment in new media lies in focusing on the brand first and the medium second, said Jon Vlassopulos, CEO of Skyrockit and General Manager for its parent company Bell Rock Media. We caught up with him the NATPE LATV Fest and he discussed how his company approaches digital opportunities for advertisers including what works and what doesn't. He's helmed successful digital projects for brands including Zippo, Coca-Cola, A&E and Panasonic.


Play Free Online Games With Bing - Tekzilla Daily Tip Daisy Whitney: Hey there! I’m Daisy Whitney reporting for Beet TV at the NATPE LA TV fest. Just had the chance to talk to Jon Vlassopulos who works at Skyrockit. It’s an interesting branded entertainment company that is working with a lot of different advertisers and building all sorts of new media content across Facebook, mobile and so on. He talked to us about how these projects come together. So Jon, get us up to speed on what you’re working on at Skyrockit, some of the projects that you’re doing with mobile entertainment. Jon Vlassopulos: Sure. So, at the moment, our parent company, we produce sort of for five years a whole bunch of branded entertainment shows. We’re now kicking that off in the states. So, we’re in the first season of the show on MSN for Beauty BFF which is a great brand sponsored show and lots of integrations and we’re already talking about the second season. So, we got a nice set of integrations with John Frieda and more to come. It’s a very integrated show. In the next season, we’re looking to expand, to also do an application sponsored by a brand to go along with the show. So, we see it’s a new trend with agency. We focus on building branded experiences shows but also applications and websites and widgets and all of these different experiences are to engage the brand. So, we a trend coming where shows will be packaged more with applications, applications which show Facebook, application for mobile applications. So, the whole world is starting to come together a bit more. Daisy Whitney: So, you have to build them all up from the beginning is what you’re saying? All of those aspects have to come together with a branded entertainment deal. Jon Vlassopulos: Exactly and I think they can all start from whichever side you happen to start from. So, if you start from fantastic trivia, gang show type app, you can start as a game and then maybe people decide that that’s worth developing into an online video series and then maybe get some pickup and the networks like it as a TV show. So, we’re really in the idea business now and wherever we can create an idea that’s funded by brand or in partnership with the brand and bring the idea to life in whatever platform. That is really what we’re focused one Daisy Whitney: So, what sort of metrics do you rely on to measure the success or failure of a campaign? What are you looking at and what specific types of data can you pull out? Jon Vlassopulos: Sure. I think often we try and set the KPI’s with our clients or partners before entering into a project and so, in the application side, we did a Zippo application which has hit 11 million in stores or—around the world. For the show with MSN, we’re now about 1.5 million views and we’ll work with a partner on seeing what metrics are important to them in terms of length of view, repeat traffic, overall views, etcetera. So, I think it depends on the partners, in some cases; car companies are looking to drive test drives. So, it could match nothing else apart from having people go to a dealership and drive the car. So, I think it’s just important to engage with your partner or client to see what’s relevant to them and make sure you build in a way to track those metrics through their production. Daisy Whitney: Excellent. Thank you, John. Jon Vlassopulos: My pleasure.