Skinny Jeans Workout
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Are you having trouble squeezing into your favorite jeans? Well, better fitness expert Andrea Metcalf has the skinny on the workout that will have you back in them in no time. She shows us how in today's getting fit.


Female Speaker: Having trouble squeezing into your favorite jeans? Well, Better fitness expert, Andrea Metcalf has the skinny on that workout that will get you back into them in no time. She shows us how in today's Getting Fit? Andrea Metcalf: Whether you are a male or a female, the hottest class in town is that Equinox called the Skinny Jeans Work out. Molly Fox created it, and Lisa Wheeler is taking us through the class. Squeezing those buns, and working out weigh, fine you are going to get into your skinny jeans and we have got three moves to teach you right now. So, Lisa you are one of the people who teach this class created by Molly Fox and this skinny jeans workout has great movements in it, teach us a few of these moves. Lisa Wheeler: Absolutely. Let's start with the leg sweep. Okay, you can do it with or without waves, and you can do it barefoot or with sneakers on. You want to start with your arms out to the side, you want to pull the shoulders down so that you use your core to stabilize your torso. Let's take the leg out to the side and then we are going to sweep it across and then point, and then sweep. So you feel the inner thighs cross and keep pushing those arms out to the side. Make it a little bit more challenging, sweep it out, so cross, now we have balance, cross and lift, so working the abductors, and abductor is your inner and outer thighs, we have the balance on the standing leg, and don't forget about that core, hold it out, hold it, press those arms out, lift that leg hire. Put on those jeans, suck it in and release. Alright, deceptively challenging. Andrea Metcalf: What is the next move we are going to learn? Lisa Wheeler: The next move we are going to do the pliƩ cross, and again, even though it's skinny jeans, part of your skinny jeans is how you hold your torso and how you hold your posture. So make sure you can lose ten pounds by just standing up taller, I love that. Now, let's take the legs apart, in a pliƩ, we want to have the shoulders balanced right over the hips from the knees out to the side. We are going to cross the weights over, and as you stand up, press them up into an X. So, we cross and press, if you wanted to make it a little bit more challenging, let's drag the right leg in, and then on to the other side. So, now we are adding coordination, a little bit of grace, and once again, a little bit deeper into those legs. So connecting the lower body and the upper body; so you get those toned legs, toned arms and toned torso. Andrea Metcalf: Perfect let's get down to the ground and kick that booty. Lisa Wheeler: So, we are going to start in the figure four position? We're going to put the weight into the left hand. We are going to bring the knee into the chest and then squeeze them equally, you are going to press back in a diagonal, trying to keep that leg parallel, and bring the arm in and then reach it out. So we go for a contraction and then a length, and push through that toe. Pull in, and push, so not only are we getting the butt work, we are the ab work as well. I love to just sneak in as much as I can. Andrea Metcalf: Well, that's what I love about this workout. So, as far as that I have been taking it, it really is total body and that means lower body which means you are going to get back into those skinny jeans or even to a smaller side. We are at Equinox Sports Club in New York, with the Skinny Jeans Workout. I am Andrea Metcalf.