Ski Vacation Tips for Killington, Vermont
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A ski trip can be a great way to liven up your winter. There are ski vacations out there for every budget, if you know how to plan. Today, we are hitting the slopes in Killington, Vermont.


Audra Lowe: Ski trip, that can be a great way to liven up your winner, there is ski vacations out there for every single budget if you know how to plan. So today we’re hitting the slopes in Killington, Vermont. From cozy bedroom to grand chalets, from peanut butter and jelly the sizzling steaks, from skating on ice to sledding with dogs. There is something in a winter ski vacation for every taste and every budget. Male1: You got it Peach, good by Oreo. Audra Lowe: We headed to Killington Resort in Vermont to discover all the deals and steals on the slopes as well as the luxurious extras worth splurging on. First stop, equipment Reynolds’s the resort ski shop will upgrade you to something if you want to splurge. Alex Mclyntre: Just for a little bit more you can have a great ski. Audra Lowe: Like this pair of Rossignol Phantoms with a stiff core and a sharp nose that perfect for all terrain. Alex Mclyntre: So its great for that skier who wants to ski to the bumps, in the trees, near the powder but then asked them back to his family and ski the groomers. Audra Lowe: But renting on mountain can be expensive, so go outside to a local shopping and a great ski for half price. Male1: I'm more of a variety, for higher in shop yet our rental prices are considerably less then amount. Male2: We’re ready to make our first decent. Female: Yes. Male2: Here we go. Audra Lowe: Okay, ones you got your skis its time to hit the slope, San if you need a little help a private lesson can be a great splurge. Bret Williamson: That two hours spent being focused just on you is going to be a whole lot more useful than being spent on you plus several other people. We’ll go to maybe 45 degrees to this lines and then start another turn right away. In a private lesson you’ve got all the instructors attention. Audra Lowe: But for half the price of group lesson can also an be an effective and fun way to learn. Katherine Rockwell: We get to meet some new friends and see the mountain. And learn a little something that will hopefully improve your vacation. Audra Lowe: And to save even more, look for those combo deals. A lot of mountain have learned to ski programs that will include gear, lesson and lift ticket. Katherine Rockwell: Check out the websites, often areas will offers deals, midweek or during slope periods. Looking in advance usually will get you a better price. Audra Lowe: After your lesson you might be getting a little hungry. So many mountain resorts now offer gourmet fair like at the Woobly Barn in Killington which has been an institution since 1963. Justin Blais: We got the best seafood, we have the best beef available. Everybody that comes to dinner here will walk out feeling like it was all worth it. Audra Lowe: But if you want to save skip the meals out and rent a condo with the kitchen where you can make your own. Speaking of logging you can splurge on a chalet complete with luxurious, extra wide gourmet kitchens and Jacuzzi tubs like the 4500 square foot mountain air lodge at the mountain top inn, which sleeps 18 and it rents for $1,800.00 a night. But if you can't quite doing something so grand look for a family owned bed and breakfast, like the Inn at Long Trail which opened back in 1938 its rich in character and charm but a lot easier on the wallet. Patty McGrath: Our rooms upstairs we call country bedrooms, very similar to a guess bedroom in a house, queen bed, private bath. Audra Lowe: And look for deals with breakfast or even dinner is included in the price of you stay is saved even more. Patty McGrath: Soup or salad, your on-tray, coffee, tea and dessert. Audra Lowe: Well now that your well rested, its time to have some fun save on a days lift ticket and splurge on another winner activity, like a sleigh ride in Heritage Hills Farm, which can be great for both families and couples looking for a little romance. Justin Laramie: We go through this open pasture here down to the covered bridge out through the creek, down into the woods and then back out for our patio here. I've used of this beautiful mountains the whole time. Audra Lowe: Or if you want something a little more fast phase here’s an unusual splurge. Some resorts now offer dog sledding. Shawn Linendoll: Its very exciting how many times in your lifetime you get a chance to experience the dog sleigh ride. Audra Lowe: Linendoll’s happy and husky came and offers sledding experiences to the public all by professional sled dogs, the lead dog here is a veteran. Shawn Linendoll: He’ll be 10 years old this year, he was a racer I did like five times and won at three times. Audra Lowe: And of course, that from experience like that you might want to splurge on a warm relaxing couples massage like this one at the Killington grand spa. Linda Canepari: Couples massage is very romantic. It’s a great way for couple to bond, its relaxing and releases tight muscles, gets the blood circulating. Audra Lowe: But if your wallet is getting empty never fear there are plenty of fun free activities to try too. Like just simply sledding down the hill or going ice skating in a local frozen pond. So this winter, whether you want to save or splurge you can design a winner vacation that’s perfect for you. Let's see I’ll take a chalet, the massage, the steak dinner. I just have to dream for just a moment right, if you want to check out more of what Killington has to offer though in both save and splurge styles. You can go to our website for a link. Still want that massage.