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The Skate community has seen a lot of growth over the years. EA Black Box celebrates over 1.6 million Skate.Reel uploads and over 170K custom graphic uploads with a Top 10 countdown of the best videos from Skate 2 ever.


Ron Yatco: Hey! This is Community Manager RonYatco and I'm bringing you the best of Skate Reel videos. # 10, there's a lot of precision that goes into landing yourself into a garbage can. Yeah, it's all good. # 9, this video comes to us from Hobosaniac. Really freaking sweet. #8, brought to us by Pothocket. #7, this one stands out there, because it's just particularly painful to watch. Oh, ouch, see that in instant replay. #6, more than a few of these videos that pop out from time to time in the worst of skate reel. That’s enough of that. #5, this video brought to us by Teri_Yakimoto. First this evidence of how knowing to skate takes patience and it takes practice. Once you get it and you get it on film, it's just awesome. Oh yeah! #4, this one sparked the whole influx of the slam dunk video. #3, okay, this video comes to us from HaollowTip82, you cannot deny the fact that this video is awesome. Oh wow! #2, so this clip, brought to us by IBSOLOADED, love the camera angle. He’s got the tricks, nails it and I love this shot. #1, this video inspired just a legion of imitators, but you can't be original. Sick, I'm sure that’s how he feels too. So there you have it. Some of the best work that we’ve seen on skating up to date. We’re celebrating 1.5 million uploads to skate reel. We hope to see a million plus more. Keep those videos coming.