Six Week Work Out
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The demands of everyday life can slash any thoughts of exercise, and working out can take a backseat. Recently, Fitness Magazine and New York Sports Club challenged Audra Lowe to enter 6 weeks of varying workouts with a no-joke trainer. Take a look.


Audra Lowe: Welcome back to Better. Hi everybody! I am Audra Lowe. Coming up next, how to find the perfect dress for your figure? And Robert Redford's daughter takes her turn behind the camera. But first, the demands of everyday life/any thoughts of exercise and working out to take a back seat. Well, I too fell in that category until recently when Fitness Magazine and New York Sports Club challenged me to enter six weeks of varying workouts with a no-joke trainer. The not so fun part, it was all the crack of dawn. The good part, my better-half was there every single step of the way and now I am a changed woman. Hi! Working out is fun once again, not just because I get to workout with my lovely husband but also because Matt the trainer that you are about to meet is taking us through a circuit of exercises. As you can see I have on my boxing gloves, I am ready to go. Be nice to me, be nice to me! But we are going to have some fun inside in there and I'll show you exactly why I love working out now. Let's go! This is my trainer Matt; at first glance I looked at him and thought, okay, not too bad, he can't be that harmful. But looks can be deceiving because Matt has a cold spirit and a sweet soul, but his workouts are no joke. I was little afraid when we first started, but he is actually the only trainer I have worked with. He showed me real results. Keeping me from getting bored and he doesn't scare me every single time I come back to the gym. When we first started doing these warm-ups I remember that I couldn't do what, more than maybe three minutes of cardio. Matt Lemmons: Maybe it's a -- Audra Lowe: May be, it was a little wounded. Matt Lemmons: Maybe 20 body squats, a couple of lunges, 30 second plank and you were done. Alright guys, we are going to do 15 reps, kicks, each side, okay? Right then left, and then we are going to do 30 seconds high, middle and low. Audra Lowe: See this is easy for me because I wear heels all the time and I got to walk in New York City. Matt Lemmons: Audra, we are going to do a suicide. Come up, do a sit up and punch across. One, two, he is going to hold his hands up for you to hit him. Audro Lowe: Okay. Matt Lemmons: Okay, and then we are going to switch. You are going to hold on to that towel, I am going to squat and we are going to the chariot race. Audro Lowe: Yeah. Matt Lemmons: Keep chopping, chop, chop, chop! Audra Lowe: This is a way to workout. I like these. All right, good job guys! Matt Lemmons: Nice job! Audro Lowe: I appreciate it. When guys finish their workout usually high-five each other, when there is a girl involved, group-hug! Good job! Thank you so much, Matt! I appreciate it. Matt Lemmons: Nice job, you are welcome! Audra Lowe: Very much. Matt Lemmons: Pleasure working with you guys. Audro Lowe: You too! You too! We had a lot of fun. If I can do it anybody can do it. Just got to get out there and make it happen. You can see my entire fitness big/makeover in the November-December issue of Fitness Magazine which is on newsstands now.