Should Mothers of Pre-Teens and Teens Stay at Home
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Learn whether mothers should of pre-teens and teens stay at home in this video with Dr. Diana Zuckerman.


Host: Do pre-teens and teens need their moms at home more than young children? Dr. Diana Zuckerman: Pre-teenagers and teenagers often don't want their moms at home and particularly, they may not want to come home after school and have mom be there, but depending on the child that maybe a time when they really need supervision. When there are so many temptations and we live in a society where kids are really being urged to grow up very fast, they are watching things on TV or in movies that they may not fully understand or they may understand it unfortunately, and so sometimes there are reasons why those children, 11 year olds, 12 year olds that Middle School, Junior High age and High School, those maybe the children that most need to make -- to have somebody at home watching what they are doing. So, I think that you could make the argument that they are kids of that age that need a parent at home much more than a four year old, but it really depends on the children and the family.