Should Men Stop Drinking During Pregnancy?
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Pregnant moms make lots of sacrifices for the health of their babies. Like giving up alcohol, smoking and drugs. Should dads follow suit by giving up their vices? If dads decide not to quit, how can they manage the occasional brewski without annoying the expecting mom? The DadLabs dads have some ideas. Ep 485 is brought to you by BabyBjorn. Distributed by Tubemogul.


Daddy Brad: Your wife or partner is expecting, so she should quit drinking and drinking. Daddy Clay: Which has you thinking, in compensation, should I doubled up. Daddy Brad: That's right! This week in the lab, we're talking about pregnancy, vices and dads. Daddy Clay: Now, this week show is brought to you by BabyBjorn. Now you maybe sensitive and involved, loving and informed dad so much that you don't need to buy a BabyBjorn Baby Carrier to say, I care, but it wouldn't hurt. BabyBjorn! Daddy Brad: So here's the question, and I'm smacked up in the middle of this right now. My wife is pregnant and she has given up lots of things, alcohol included. As a good do dad, shouldn't I do the same? Daddy Clay: Before answer that question, I think we should gather some data. Let's hear from some of our favorite author moms. Stacie Cockrell: When it comes to dads and drinking and all the vices, you also enjoy, it really comes down to, are you really in tune with your wife. It's the both that counts. I mean if we see this chilled Chardonnay sitting in front of us or this nice beer you offered me, thank, Clay. If we just see that all the time, we are like hey, thanks, I can have any. Mary K. Moore: I think it's about sensitivity. Obviously, you don't want to be doing vices, like won't smoking at her face or drinking her cigarette, you drink in front of her. But it's not really about prohibiting behavior as it is proactive behavior. Stacie Cockrell: You have to be able to read your wife's mind. It's the thought that accounts. Mary K. Moore: And you can set up your own border system in your own mind like say, take the carpool one morning, not for you, that's a beer. Take the carpool for a week, that's a beer at Hooters. Daddy Clay: So in my humble opinion, there're two kinds of moms in this world. There is a kind of mom that says, I am going to suffer, therefore you should suffer. And there is a kind of mom that says, well, at least one of us should be able to drink. And you think you know which one you've got in terms of the partner but you don't know, because those hormones had and you don't know. Daddy Brad: How about this, just take it outside, take it out of your face. Go to the manhouse; a few beers at poker night. Be respectful, getting into the house. Daddy Clay: But then, it does not drive you apart and you are separate then. Daddy Brad: Not if you do it right. Daddy Clay: How about this, you come to some kind of agreement about a structure. You are going to only have one a day. Daddy Brad: Or six in one day. Daddy Clay: No, that's not. So you made a deal with your pregnant spouse to only have one beer a night. It better be a really damn good one. Dipak help us out what we want. Dipak: Start with high potency Ales, low commitment with just one bottle. You got Imperial IPA here; Arrogant Bastard, very appropriate to your own persona, a Piraat which really goes well with pirates, and the Gulden Draak. Daddy Clay: So tell me, what am I smelling? Dipak: It's an Imperial IPA. Daddy Clay: What am I tasting? Dipak: Love. Daddy Clay: Wow! That's hardy. Dipak: 9.24% alcohol so -- Daddy Clay: Is that, that warm feeling in the back of my head? Dipak: I think it's just harrow it down. Daddy Clay: What else, what's next? Dipak: Arrogant Bastard. Daddy Clay: Arrogant Bastard, come to me. Dipak: This is a bit thicker than the other one. Daddy Clay: Yeah, that way I could stand a fork up in that back way. What's next? Dipak: The Piraat, which is a Belgian ale and that's why we are switching glasses. Daddy Clay: Okay. I have never heard of drinking beer out of different shaped glasses appropriate to the beverage. I thought that was just a wine thing. Dipak: What do you swill, Budweiser? Daddy Clay: Dude, harshening. Dipak: Totally. So move it around, move it around. Daddy Clay: But this one, I can smell the alcohol in this one. Dipak: Yes, it's 10.5. Daddy Clay: Wow! That one has got so many more kind of bright fruitful kind of flavors in it. What is this? Dipak: This is Gulden Draak, it's also a triple like this and it's also 10.5. Daddy Clay: If it wasn't so high in alcohol and so tasty, I would say that this glass made it a little girly. Wow! That one has got all these kind of caramel flavors in it. Dipak: It's almost like a dessert beer. Daddy Clay: That is a dessert beer. Can you have -- oh! Man. Dipak: Or a steak beer. Daddy Clay: So really, if you are forced to pick only one, Dipak, which one it's going to be? Dipak: This one is my true friend and favorite. Daddy Clay: It's your friend, the Piraat. Dipak, these are fantastic. Dipak: I am glad you enjoyed. Daddy Clay: Thanks very much. You know the Whip In is a place to come, if you've only got a couple one. Daddy Brad: Now, most of the moms we've talked to are pretty tolerant of their do dads, having a couple of beers or cocktail, but if you abuse the impregnated and designated program too often, you might just lose your privileges. Daddy Clay: So did you quit drinking while your spouse or partner was pregnant or did you double up? We want to hear from you. Join us on , we are there, we are listening, we are talking. We want to hear from you, it's the best dad's forum online, Daddy Brad: I'd like to thank our sponsors, BabyBjorn. You know the best way to start imparting your values to your new baby is to carry them in a BabyBjorn Baby Carrier Original Spirit. Daddy Clay: Well, that's all for this week, here in the lab.