Sexting Among Teens More Common, Says Study
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Researchers surveying nearly 1,000 students at seven schools in southeast Texas found that 28 percent of adolescents have sent a nude picture.


(Image source:  SHUTTERSTOCK )   BY JOSH LANDER   A third of teenagers have texted a nude picture of themselves and 57% have been asked for one. Those are the findings from a University of Texas study of 948 teens in Southeast Texas ages 14 to 19. As an analyst for CTV puts it, sexual behavior among teens is more dangerous when done electronically rather than in person. “Social media doesn’t have a beginning and an end. If you’re bullying in person or being harassed in a sexual way if it’s one on one, it has a beginning and an end when you’re with that person. Social media is 24/7.” A writer for Fox News says, the odd part in all of this is, many teens who engage in sexting, are actually annoyed by it. “Teenagers overwhelmingly say they're irritated when asked to ‘sext’ nude pictures of themselves to other teens, but nearly 30 percent have done so anyway.” WTVR explains when teens, mainly girls, dip their toes in the sexting waters -- it ups the ante for activity... a veritable gateway to promiscuity. “After examining the association between sexting and sexual behavior, researchers found that teenage girls, but not boys, who sexted were more likely to have a higher prevalence of risky behavior such as having multiple partners and using drugs and alcohol before sex.” A different study -- conducted a year ago -- doesn’t buy into the hype.   ABC News reports that study had completely different findings from this one. “Researchers at the University of New Hampshire say only two-and-a-half percent of kids they surveyed said they sent text messages of nude images and just one percent involved pictures racy enough to violate child pornography laws.” One member of the Texas research group says, if the study had been conducted on a national level, several million teens could find themselves in a position to be prosecuted for child pornography or other sexual crimes.