Sex After Childbirth
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Sexual health expert Dr. Catherine Hood answers how can I enjoy sex after childbirth in the company of Emma Howard.


Emma Howard: Hello! We are answering questions on sexual health. I am joined by Dr. Catherine Hood. Hello! Dr. Catherine Hood: Hello! Emma Howard: Catherine, we've got a question here from a mother of three. Her last baby was born six months ago and her husband is keen to start having sex again, but she says I am finding it difficult. How can I start enjoying sex again? Well, I am sure there are many women who'll be watching, who will be fascinated by your answer. They're exhausted, aren't they? Dr. Catherine Hood: They are exhausted and it's quite natural for women straight after child birth, she just doesn't want to go back, very frankly and nor to have sex. And most woman will put-off starting sex again until, they have had a six week check up, generally speaking, and that's a). due to exhaustion, b). discomfort after child birth and just not having the time to really focus on it. Now, she's been six months since her last child birth, and that's actually quite a long time and I can sort of appreciate why her husband might be getting slightly sort of frustrated or finding it difficult to wait and she, herself I think is sounding quite frustrated. But I mean, the first thing is, are you giving yourself enough time to have sex. With three children, that's a huge amount of demand on your energy and -- Emma Howard: Mentally and physically. Dr. Catherine Hood: Yeah exactly. It would be very difficult to find the space in which can actually start to enjoy sex because libido is something that is very fragile in women and certainly life stresses, being tired and having distractions can really really, really knock a women's libido. Emma Howard: And you probably don't have it on your priority list, do you? Dr. Catherine Hood: Absolutely. So, the first thing is you have got to put it up your priority list. Emma Howard: Put it back on there. Dr. Catherine Hood: So, the thing is, find somebody to look after the children for a night and so you and your partner reengage with each other and actually sort of come together again. Now, you don't have to come together again and say, have sex, sometimes that's just far too much pressure to put on the evening. First thing to do, is to start to get intimate again with each other. So, hold each other, spend a night, go and do something romantic, rather than looking after the kids and just let yourself start to sort of -- Emma Howard: Be together again. Dr. Catherine Hood: Yeah, reengage in that part of yourself, where there is still a sexual being. The other thing, honestly very practical, but she maybe slightly concerned about the possibility of falling pregnant again. Now, with three children she just don't want to go, I don't know, maybe she does. Emma Howard: She loves children rather -- maybe say, no, no, I don't want one again. Dr. Catherine Hood: So, get yourself some good contraception alternative. You know, if you are confident then that's not an issue for you as well. And just take things slowly and just talk to your partner, keep communicating. Tell them how you feel. Emma Howard: Fantastic advice as always Catherine. Thank you very much. Well, if you have a similar problem, we hope we might have given you some help, but remember it's always best to go and see your own doctor for medical advice. Thanks for watching. We'll be back with more health questions and answers.