Setting Lineups for your Team in Fantasy Football
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This video will show how to play fantasy football, specifically setting up lineups for your fantasy football team.

Transcript See how the experts do it. Hi I’m Gene Wang Fantasy Football writer for the Washington Post and Welcome to my video on how to play video fantasy football. In this segment we’re going to talk about setting your line up. Now to do that you’re going to want to go to the fantasy football website of your choice that your league to setup in. Click on your league and click on your team and then click on your set line up and your roster should drop down. Let me show you what that looks like on a typical fantasy football website. As you see we have all the positions here, a quarterback, 2 running backs, 2 wide receivers, a tight end, a kicker and a defensive special teams and on this part of the grid we have the back ups. So now to determine and once you determine who you want to start you go to the last part here where it says active and click down and reserve so let’s say your debating with it or you want to just start trying kidding it and you decided well I don’t want to start in this week. You would hit the reserve key then you would scroll down to see who the other quarterbacks are. Let’s say you want to start with Brodie Croyle you would click on active and then go to the bottom of your grid and hit set line up and now your line up is set and activated and your aloud to change line ups generally within up to five minutes of kick offs before Sunday so you have time if you want to go back and change again. Now once you have your roster in front of you, you’re going to want to have a schedule of the next upcoming weekend’s games at very handy because that’s going to term in a lot of ways who your going to start and who your going to sit. Now for example if you have a player like Tom Brady at quarterback. Let Daniel Thompson running back or Randy Moss wide receiver, that’s a no brainier. Those players their elite players in football, they’re the elite players in fantasy football. They’re going to start for you every week so when you have a player of that caliber at those positions it’s a no worry each week because their going to be in your line up no matter what, obviously, assuming their not injured. Now, what you’re going to have to decide is the second to your players on your roster because your not going to have it all start at every position that’s just unless you’re a very small league that’s not going to happen so you’re going to have to decide whether which running back for example at the start between two lesser running backs so and that can be determined largely on their match up. So if you have a running back starting against a defense that’s ranked maybe 25th against the run and another running back starting against the defense that’s maybe ranked 14th against the run which is probably a better move to start that running back that’s playing against the worst defense even if the other running back may have a little better statistics so and in that inhale in that goes research into those running backs how they have done against those teams if their on a hot seat that something that you would consider too. And also if there’s injury history of those running backs you want to consider that as well so but as I said it’s when you undraft it is best to fill out guys that your confident in to start every week so you don’t have to make the decisions but like there’s going to be injuries in the course of the football season where you are really have to play GM and make the right choices to beat your opponent that week. Now that your lineups are set I’m going to tell you about the different types of fantasy football leagues are. There are three main types and that’s what I’m going to talk about in my next video segment.