Set Usage Restrictions on Your iPhone
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Perhaps you've gotten an iPhone for one of your children or an iPhone for an employee and you want to restrict their use. If you wish you can go in and restrict explicit content, block Safari on the iPhone and more.


Butterscotch Tutorial. How to put restrictions on your iPhone. Michael Callahan: Hi, this is Mike Callahan, "Doctor File Finder," and welcome to your tutorial on how to set restrictions on your iPhone. So on your iPhone, you want to tap on Settings, let's do that. Now under Settings you want to tap on General, under General you want to move and tap on Restrictions. Now, under Restrictions you want to tap on Enable Restrictions, you'll be prompted to put in a four digit pass code twice, do that and then you can turn restrictions on or off as you choose for the items that are available. So that's all in restrictions on your iPhone and that's all there is to it. Butterscotch tasty tech, delicious downloads a division of Tucows Corp. Except where otherwise noted, this work is licensed under