Send Free Text Messages to Mobile Phones
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Sending SMS text messages to your friends, coworkers and family is a great way to relay a quick message bite when a phone call is not convenient or necessary. Cell phone service providers know this too and charge (sometimes hefty) fees for sending text messages. Here are a few ways to avoid those fees by sending text messages to mobile phones, right from your PC.


Hey there. I'm Stacey Reed and in today’s Butterscotch tutorial we’re going to take a look a few in a few different ways that you can send SMS or text messages to mobile phone and do so for free. Some mobile providers charged a fee for every text message that you send and that tends to add up overtime but did you know that there are quite a few websites that give visitors an ability to send text messages to cell phones free of charge? One such site is Gizmo SMS but for the most part they all seem to work in much the same way. You enter the recipient’s phone number, you write a brief text message and then you verify that you are human and not a robot by filling in the caption code then it’s just a matter of hitting the send button and it’s done. You can also utilize your AOL instant messenger which allows users to send text messages to cell phones simply by messaging the telephone number. You would type plus sign one, the area code and the seven-digit number and then fill out your message. Of course if you don’t have an AOL instant messenger software installed you can always access your email account using an online client like the one founded at This one is my favorite because many cell phone service providers have gateways that allow users to receive text messages sent by email for free. All you need to know is the provider’s address format. For instance if I wanted to send the message to a friend of mine who has a Verizon account I would simply type in their phone number at and then fill out the rest of it just like I was going to send an email. You can find the providers format all over the internet simply by doing a search or by visiting the provider’s website. Another alternative is to directly visit the cell provider’s message center to send your SMS that way. By the way if you’ve ever wondered what SMS means it’s an acronym that stands for short message service. So, that’s how to send free text messages to mobile phones. This is Stacey Reed signing out, bye for now.