Seeking Help for a Post Miscarriage Depression
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Dr. Carrillo explains when you should seek help for depression after a miscarriage and discusses the resources available to help you after pregnancy loss.


Seeking Help for a Post Miscarriage Depression Often my patients will ask me, “At what point is my sadness no longer just sadness? At what point should I be moving on?” “At what point do I need to maybe talk to someone about feeling depressed or perhaps becoming clinically depressed?” Grieving and allowing yourself to be sad about the loss is completely normal but if it becomes so encompassing that you can’t get out of bed in the morning, you can’t uphold your responsibilities, you can’t work, you can’t function, you can’t stop crying, then you might be transitioning into something more such as clinical depression. And that is very important for you to share with your clinician so that we can help you make sure that you are getting to the level of recovery you need, and sometimes that does require certain interventions. There are several resources available for all patients experiencing either early pregnancy loss or late pregnancy loss. The resources always start with your physician and also with your local community hospitals. Here in Arizona we are very fortunate, here at Banner Desert we have a specific program designed to help women cope through the various stages associated with losing a pregnancy. So all women, even early miscarriages, have access to this group here at Banner Desert and they also have access, if they have to come into the hospital, to deliver a pregnancy with a fetal demise we do offer extensive emotional support, both at the time of the initial event as well as in the future.