Second Pregnancy Experience Overview
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Jenna Surratt shares what she has learned from her second pregnancy, and gives advice on doctor visits and baby preparation.


Jenna Surrat: Well, we’ve five weeks left before my actual due date and who knows when she’ll come, I mean it could be anytime now. But we’re just—we’re actually getting a new room ready for Adison, we’re having Adison transition into a new room, into a toddler bed, and we’re going to move the baby into the—into Adison’s old nursery. So just getting these things ready, doing some different thing with the nursery but just not as much that we did last time. We don’t really need that much this time so there’s not as much shopping to do, we’ve got a lot of—we’ve saved all of Adison’s clothes so we don’t have to do a lot as far any of that goes. I’m trying to just relax and enjoy our time in—where my husband and I to enjoy our time together and to enjoy our time with Adison, just when it’s just the three of us. You just don’t know what’s going to happen when you go into delivery. So it’s hard to make—I don’t know, a lot of people spent a lot of their time making plans for like their whole delivery plan and everything but you really don’t know what’s going to happen and—It’s going to go into it with and open mind and have some things in place that you’d like to happen but not necessarily be upset if those things don’t happen. For me, knowing that labor can be a very long process—I was in labor every 24 with Adison so it can be a really long process and— I don’t know if I would have necessarily wanted to spend all of that time in the hospital but I didn’t get it up the drill until the very end which was great. Being able to get up and move around I mean—yeah it was—it got to be kind of painful but it’s really good to be able to get up and walk around and just know you’ve doing some of that long time in labor. With my doctor, it’s actually a practice of five different women and—I’ve got my main doctor but then they also rotate you through all the other doctors. Say that, if my doctor, for some reason why isn’t working or wasn’t on call like last time I went in the labor on the weekend so—I didn’t—my doctor didn’t deliver Adison so—I don’t know, I mean it’s good that I now know all of the doctors and I’m going to just visit them all and meet them all again if I got time but—It would so just be nice to know for sure he’s going to be with you when you actually go into labor.