Second Hand Maternity and Children Clothing
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Second hand is the new brand new! Whether you are going green or trying to save it, when it comes to maternity and children's clothing it's smart to choose for consignment.


Ann Ebeling: Secondhand is the new brand new. Whether you're going green or trying to save it, when it comes to maternity and children's clothing, it's smart to consider consignment. Eva Dorsey: People wear them for a very short period of time and what do you do with it? Sometimes, you save it for another child, but, often, it doesn't end up in the right season. So, what more and more people do is just bring it here. Then, they shop on their credit should they have that next pregnancy and if not, they shop for their babies. Ann Ebeling: Here is Jane's Exchange. Manhattan's largest maternity and children's consignment store. Eva Dorsey: Jane's Exchange. Ann Ebeling: Eva Dorsey started to shop more than 15 years ago and now runs the store with co-owner, Gayle Raskin. Eva Dorsey: With the economy right now, it's just the reasonable thing to do. When you're talking about clothing your children in an everyday way, we're very careful to take in things that are in excellent condition. The fact that they're a little used rarely makes any difference at all and also for the environment, the idea of recycling. How many tights are there? Female Speaker: 5 or 4 here, I think. Eva Dorsey: I just wanna make sure I have. Female Speaker: And I don't need a bag please. Ah, you can just stick it back in the bag there. Eva Dorsey: Okay, alright. Ann Ebeling: Tara Avril began shopping at Jane's Exchange after the birth of her first child daughter, Fiona. Fiona: Cut them on right and shove it. Tara Avril: On the Raggedy Ann? Okay, I'll do it. When I was pregnant with my daughter, I bought all these, you know, fabulous maternity clothes and I knew when I was pregnant with my son that I did not want to make that mistake and I didn't want to spend all that money and I just wanted to get a few things that got me through. What about this one? Fiona: I don't know. Ann Ebeling: Tara now shops for Fiona and son, Liam, who are growing everyday. Tara Avril: I think this is too small for you, Fay. This is cute. Female Speaker: Yeah. Tara Avril: Look at that. Some of the cutest things I've found like little party dresses, winter coats. That is so cute. If I come here, I buy a pair of shoes for her when she leaps a half size or a size and then she wears them for the season and then I bring them back and then I resell them. So, it's a really great way to keep your kids and all the things that they need without feeling beleaguered by, you know, the prices. Ann Ebeling: She says shopping secondhand doesn't mean sacrificing style. Tara Avril: Because you've got a really great pair of jeans and then you're buying some really basic nice blacks like turtlenecks and a couple of things, then you can just wear, you know, a colorful cardigan. You can wear really great boots. You can wear, you know, really great sort of stars. This is a good thing. I'll show you. So, for instance, this is cute, like if you're on maternity, you got a pair of like navy blue cords, a pair of like really nice like skinny black pants that are like fitted like this cool little like blazer thing that goes over your bump or this parka for winter. Look at this, this is really--. How great is that and what's so great about this? I will tell you. It's for boobs. It's for breastfeeding. How simple is this? Even if you're a working person, like you work in an office, you can look really great at work too. How great is this? This is great for work. It's genius. I mean, you look great. And you don't have to spend a lot of money on this stuff. Ann Ebeling: And most consignment stores carry more than just clothes. Jane's Exchange offers books, toys, and baby gear. Tara Avril: Here's a good example. This thing I bought at Giggle. This is really a high-end store. It was $85. This is $100. You know, you can get this whole thing for $50 and this is great. These are all the slings and bjorns. Certain slings work better at certain weight and certain ages. You know, so it's great to come here, you bring your old sling, you sell it, you get a new sling. Ann Ebeling: And secondhand does not have to mean used. Many consignment stores like Jane's Exchange carry a variety of items that still have the tags on them. These make great gifts. Eva Dorsey: It can be a one-stop shop. You can shop for your kids and also, if you need that birthday gift, we have that here too. Ann Ebeling: Just one thing to keep in mind, while at Jane's Exchange, Eva and Gayle do their best to keep up with recalls, something could easily fall through the cracks. Before you buy toys, electronics, or any big items like cribs or strollers, check the latest recall list. So, if you're thinking of becoming a secondhand mamma or dad, Eva says just check it out. Eva Dorsey: People have come into this store saying, I had no idea you're used or you're resale. I thought you were new. I see these beautiful things in the window and then they come in and find out that we're consignment and that the things in the window are a quarter or less what they might pay new for them and they're hooked. Ann Ebeling: Check your local listings for a maternity or children's consignment store near you.