Seau's Family Wants Brain Study
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A San Diego medical examiner ruled that Junior Seau took his own life. The family decided to allow researchers to study Seau’s brain for injuries.


(Image Source:  The New Yorker )   BY CHRISTINE KARSTEN   ANCHOR LAUREN GORES   Junior Seau’s family wants his brain to be studied to see if concussion-related injuries led to the former NFL star’s suicide. ESPN reports. “Now, the family has decided to allow researchers to study his brain to see if there was any evidence of damage resulting from concussions during his football career.” The question on everyone's mind — did head trauma play a role in Seau’s suicide? ABC spoke with an Army General who explains how the two are related. “We think in some instances that head trauma could be related to depression. Depression at times and can be a cause of suicide, but we just don't know.” Fox News brought up a similar situation with former NFL player Dave Duerson. Duerson shot himself in the chest, writing in a suicide note that he wanted his brain to be studied. “After struggling with depression for many years, Duerson left a note for his family directing them to donate his brain to the Boston University School of Medicine for research into Chronic Traumatic Encephelopathy (CTE). Researchers from the Boston school later ruled that Duerson suffered from a neurodegenerative disease linked to concussions, which was a factor in bringing on his depression.” CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta says there are striking similarities between Seau’s case and other cases involving football players — but he warned against drawing an early conclusion in this case. “The only way to determine if Seau suffered CTE is to analyze the brain tissue...’Though Seau had no reported documented history of concussions, Gupta said ‘the hits don't necessarily result in diagnosed concussion, but the brain is rattled over and over again.’” San Diego’s KGTV reports Seau’s funeral plans could be announced as early as Friday.