School Fights Racy Video Featuring Fla. HS Band
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The Miami-Dade County school board is demanding that producers take down an explicit rap video because it features members of a high school band who didn't understand how their images would be used. (Oct. 1)


[Location - Date:MIAMI - OCT 1, 2012][Source:AP, MUSIC VIDEO (FAIR USE)][NATSOT:]"bandz maker her dance"A MUSIC VIDEO FOR RAP ARTIST JUICY J'S SONG "BANDZ A MAKE HER DANCE" FEATURES LIL' WAYNE, 2 CHAINZ -- AND MEMBERS OF THE MIAMI NORTHWESTERN HIGH SCHOOL MARCHING BAND.[SOT/:John Schuster, spokesman, Miami-Dade County Public Schools]("This was shot at a local television studio, a local production facility, using a type of a blue-screen or green-screen production, where the students were there by themselves. There were no other artists or anything performing at the same time. This was just footage of our students marching, playing their instruments.")SCHOOL OFFICIALS SIGNED OFF ON THE BAND MEMBERS PERFORMING...BUT NEITHER THE SCHOOL NOR THE BAND MEMBERS APPARENTLY UNDERSTOOD THAT THE PERFOMANCE WOULD BE USED IN A VIDEO THAT ALSO CONTAINS RAUNCHY LYRICS AND IMAGES OF EXOTIC DANCERS.[SOT/:John Schuster, spokesman, Miami-Dade County Public Schools]("It was disturbing to people at the school, its alumni, also to us, here at the district, because this is a very strong school with a strong tradition, and we didn't like it seeing portrayed as such.")[SOT/:Juanita Lane, community social worker]("It's not acceptable And whatever consequences or whatever needed to be taken against them, need to be done. Becauuse, you know, that was not right, and it gave the school a really bad image.")[SOT/:Shantell Brown, parent of 11th grader]("When I first heard about it, I seen the video. And when I seen the video, I liked it.")[SOT/:REPORTER]("You don't think it's a bad thing to have the students in there?")[SOT/:Shantell Brown, parent of 11th grader]("No. Because Northwestern is a good school, and trust me, it's innocent. You know, my child goes out here. It's innocent. This is the best school.")THE MIAMI-DADE COUNTY SCHOOL BOARD HAS SENT A "CEASE AND DESIST" LETTER TO SONY MUSIC ENTERTAINMENT AND KEMOSABE RECORDS._____ ______, ASSOCIATED PRESS.