School Bus Driver Saves Children From Tornado
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New video shows a quick-thinking school bus driver saving 11 children as a tornado loomed nearby.


(Image source: Belle News )   BY CHRISTINA HARTMAN AND MALLORY PERRYMAN ANCHOR MEGAN MURPHY   New video shows a quick-thinking school bus driver saving 11 children as a deadly tornado loomed near. CNN has the footage. “She had to make a quick decision, keep driving or  turn around and head back to the school. She decided to turn around, and that was smart. When she got back to the school, she had to get the kids off the bus fast...” Earlier this month an EF4 tornado ripped through Henryville Indiana. When a dispatcher told bus driver Angel Perry the tornado was coming, she had to move fast. WHAS has part of the audio from the surveillance system on the bus. You can hear an anxious, but in-control Perry giving instructions. Bus driver: “Guys, we’re just going to go as fast as we can  into the school.” Reporter: “The bus pulls up to the school.” “Bus driver: “Everybody stay together, our group together, right now, go go go go go...” The tornado took the bus moments later, and bus surveillance cameras recorded the whole thing. WCPO has the video inside the 36,000 pound vehicle. “Look at this destruction. They’ve got the cameras rolling the whole time. You can see the destruction as the winds tear apart the windows, even pick the entire bus up throwing it across the street and into a building.” Perry and all 11 children are OK. A miracle, says The Stir’s Jeanne Sager , who writes... “Just imagine it. Angel Perry didn't have a Ferrari or even a Pontiac. She had a big, bulky bus. The kind that makes you think ‘slow and steady.’ … I don't think they teach you that when you go to driving school.”