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One great way to help kids count down to the holidays? Holiday themed books! They are inexpensive, educational, and a lot of fun for the whole family. We asked scholastic for their top picks.


Host: One great way to help kids countdown to the holidays, holiday themed books. They’re inexpensive, educational and they’re a lot of fun for the entire family. And to help you with your shopping, we asked Elastic for their top picks. From the classics, you remember as a child to brand new stories to share with your kids. There’s a holiday book out there everyone in your family will love. Female: Kids get so excited about the holidays and one way to help them enjoy it and to understand their holidays better is experience it through books. An added benefit is not only does it make the holidays more fun, it also keeps them learning when they’re off school for awhile. Host: First up for young children, these present books offer up the stories behind Hanukkah and Christmas. Female: They look like the kind of gifts you open for the holidays. But when you open it up, there’s a book inside. So it’s like when you read it over and over again, you’ll get a present over and over again and they give very simple fun explanations in colorful pictures about what to experience during the holidays. Host: Next for those budding artists out there, how about Christmas velvet art? Female: Kids can make really great pictures, really great ornaments and decorations. It’s impossible to make a mess so the kids can have fun and you’ll have something beautiful to look at afterwards. Host: My Little Polar Bear is a beautiful book with a beautiful message too. Female: This is one of those books that children will enjoy because they’ll see themselves in it and the polar bear’s thinking I can’t do all the things that grownup polar bears can do and the grownup bear says, but I’ll teach you and you’ll be able to one day. Host: And the Christmas Magic is a new classic that you can share with your kids. Female: This is a kind of a different Santa. He’s taking very good care of the reindeer and feeding them natural things. His home is simple so it’s kind of subtle but it’s very warm and there’s a lot of thought about how we want to give to others. Host: But if you prefer an old classic with a new twist, check out this Can You See What I See version of the Night Before Christmas. Female: When you talk about creatures, there’s all kind of creatures from the traditional mouse to dragons and so it goes line by line with wonderful illustrations and it’s one of those books that kids will look at over and over again because it will be something new to see. Host: The Sound of Quanza is a great book to learn about other traditions. Female: A lot of children don’t know as much about quanza as much as they might know about Hanukkah or they might know about Christmas and it’s a wonderful explanation of the seven nights of quanza and what it means and like I liked that there was a page on Neah, where that’s for purpose and that’s a good message no matter what holiday you celebrate to think about. Host: Another book that will make you think, The Truce. Female: The truce is a different kind of Christmas story. It’s nonfiction. It took place during World War I and it was when spontaneously enemies stopped fighting for the day because it was Christmas. Host: And lastly, countdown to Christmas with a spiritual journey. Female: Scholastic has a line of little shepherd books for Christian families and that particular book we have on countdown to Christmas this year and it starts on the first day of December going up to December 25 with activities and thoughtful things that kids can do waiting for Christmas. Host: So this year, give the gift of reading to your child as a gift that will keep on giving for years to come. And when the holidays are over, just pack up the books along with the trimmings and don’t bring them out until next year when they’ll seem brand new all over again right.