Save Time and Money in the Living Room
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Better's experts show you how to save time and money on cleaning and organizing your living room.


Audra Lowe: Save more, waste less. That’s been our mantra right here on Better today. We put together a team of experts to show us some easy way to save money, time and resources. And today, it’s all about the living room. Ellen Damaschino: Don’t you just love it when the kids come home from school? Drop everything on the floor and make a big mess. Here’s what’s I’ve done in my house. I’ve created a space called the ‘go to’ area. It’s a designated space where the kids put all their stuff like homework and permission slips so I can find everything I need. And in the morning, I do the exact opposite. I put everything they need to take to school with them so can all get to school and out the door on time. Jill Cordes: Cleaning your house can be an inexpensive proposition especially if you have to buy all these different cleaners and they can be costly. So this is one way to save, I’d like to use Arm and Hammer Essentials Cleaners because they’re refillable. Here how it works. Just fill up the empty bottle with tap water and then twist on the refill. You’re ready to go. When it’s empty, you just buy another refill. By doing this, you’re going to save 25% more money that you would on traditional cleaners, good for the wallet, good for the environment and good for the family. Steven Whittle: One of the simple things you can do to save resources is harness the power of the sun. Where going to do that with curtains. In the summer time, you close these things at the hottest part of the day and you’re going to help out your air conditioner bill. In the winter time, you do the exact opposite, on your windows, you let the sunlight some. It’s going to take a bit of the burn off of your furnace, you’re going to save resources. Simple. Audra Lowe: Awesome ideas, I like that. It’s pretty smart and if you are looking for more ways to save more and waste less, you can go to