Sausage-Stuffed Stuffing
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Deep-fried stuffing-wrapped sausage with gravy: a dish to be thankful for!


Aaron: Now you want to alter the green, you got to come to big daddy’s house for sure, I got it. Alright Claire, you see the pan has a meat in here right. Claire: Oh yeah. Aaron: People are wondering how we can get some funky, fat and savory on the table and quick. Claire: That’s awesome. Funky, fat and savory, I love it. Aaron: That’s when I come in and you come in for help me. Claire: Alright. Aaron: I decided to take some spicy sausage mix and make little balls. Fry them in a pan and get them all browned up. So I got about quarter cup of oil, half a cup of just basic flour. Claire: That’s a great idea. So you don’t even need a turkey staff. Aaron: Now a lot of times what I notice even if I’m talking to people around holiday times they always say, you know what I hate making gravy because I don’t want the canned gravy. But I want to make it but I don’t want to wait until the end of the day when the turkeys done and get the drippings, well real good gravy. This is that secret, that short cut that I like to take, that gives you the same results, half the amount of time or better yet, just minutes and you got that good flavor. Claire: Nice. Aaron: Now I’m going to build up the gravy. I’m just going to add 3 cups of chicken stock. Claire: Nice. Aaron: Now I’m going to stir this. Claire: It looks so easy. Aaron: Look, this is no brain. Claire: Everybody can do this. Aaron: Pretty much at this time, once the liquids are in here. You could just relax. Let this come to a slow simmer. Periodically, I’ll stir it up to make sure I’m scraping everything at the bottom of the pan. Making sure it’s not just cramping together. In the mean time check it out, Basic staffing mix. This is turbo. I have Claire, she’s doing the scallops, some thyme, some parsley just to give us some extra color, some extra flavor. So what we’re going to do is mix this up. I see you got fresh herbs. Claire: Okay, in my hands? Aaron: Get dirty babe. Claire: Nice. Aaron: I’m going to show you what you’re going to do Claire: Okay. Aaron: Nice handful. Claire: Okay. Aaron: Take a bowl. Claire: No way. No way. Spicy sausage staffed, staffing? That’s awesome. Aaron: So all we got to do is put it in, mold them up. I got my gravy going so I’m going ahead and sounds like it thicken. Claire: Yeah. Aaron: Alright. Real simple, roll in this in some flour. Claire: Okay. Aaron: And pretty much I’m not going to season this flour. We got a lot of flavor from the staffing mix, chicken flavor. We got the thyme, the scallops and the parsley. Claire: That’s right. So we got flavor everywhere here. Aaron: I’m just using the basic Canola oil. You know I’m just keeping it simple because I don’t want to make things complicated. Claire: This is so much fun, this recipe. I love this. Anything that you get your hands dirty and the end result is going to be fried thanksgiving staffing with the secret sausage ball in it. Aaron: But they got to get the right company. Claire: The gravy. Aaron: The gravy. Claire: The gravy. Aaron: Now while they are frying, the gravy was thickening up, my rule and chicken stock was happy and it only takes a couple of minutes with that fast. Claire: Oh my god. Look at that golden brown beauty. Yeah. There you go. Aaron: I like the way you think, you got that thing that you love. Yes you do and your hands are ready, gravy stock. So drop in the bath tub. Claire: This is truly I think one of the happiest days of my life here. Aaron: Can I make you happy right now? Claire: Yes. Aaron: Try one of this without the gravy first. Claire: Okay. I don’t need this. Cheers. Aaron: Cheers. Claire: Oh yeah. Oh my gosh, it is incredible by itself, may I? Aaron: Yeah do the thing. Claire: It is all about the gravy right? Aaron: It is about the gravy. Claire: Alright I want to be nice and not ruin for everybody. Aaron: Hook the brother up. Claire: Ready? Oh my god. Are you kidding me? This is awesome. I’m so happy. Aaron: Awesome, sick, ultimate, you can’t beat this. We succeeded.