Sauna Visits Lower Sperm Count: Study
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Remember that last great sauna visit? Well, a recent study has found that sauna visits may lower sperm count.


A study reveals that sauna visits lower sperm count. Remember that last great sauna visit?Well, a recent study has found that sauna visits may lower sperm count. The research project, carried out by researchers from the University of Padova in Italy, recruited healthy Finnish men in their 30s who had normal sperm counts. The males spent 15 minutes in a sauna twice a week over the course of three months. During the sauna visits, scrotal temperatures increased by over 5 degrees Fahrenheit.The sessions in turn lowered the men’s sperm count and the level remained below normal for three months after they had ceased visiting the sauna, but returned to normal levels after six months. Exposure to the steam rooms had an effect on DNA contained in sperm cells, impairing the cell’s powerhouse which could be why counts were reduced.A study researcher states “Avoidance of testicular heating and in particular of sauna exposure could be suggested in the counseling of males seeking fertility.” Additional study findings released this year found that male couch potatoes possessed lower sperm counts than their active friends