Salma Hayek, Maya Rudolph, and Maria Bello on 'Grown Ups'
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Salma Hayek, Maya Rudolph, and Maria Bello talk about their new movie, 'Grown Ups'.


Salma Hayek: What I really like about this movie is that there’s a lot of really, really funny jokes. I mean, you laugh and I like to have a good time when I go to movies. I mean, you laugh so much but you are always expected to laugh in an Adam Sandler movie but the humor usually, it’s more for guys. In this movie, I think that the girls are also going to laugh, the kids are also going to, the grandmas are going to laugh and for the girls, I think it’s also really cool because like my character’s like a super fashionista but then their character’s like super mom and it’s dealing with the conflicts of how you raise children and I see it one way and she has another way and she has another way and it presents also different forms of married women. Maya Rudolph: There’s a very sweet message to the movie and it’s nice to see the kids getting to know each other within the story and sort of reminding all of us to get outside a little bit more and get back to what the kind of swinging off of trees sort of childhood that I think a lot of us had. Maria Bello: Salma’s character is everything that my character has ever read about in Star Magazine. She likes to wear the Roland Mouret dress and the fabulous sunglasses and the hat and has this adventurous, glamorous life and it’s everything that I ever dreamed about. So, she’s like the woman that I dream of being and then when I get to know, I realized she’s just like me and my life is pretty great as well and as mothers and as human beings and as women, we have a lot in common and we start to laugh together. Salma Hayek: Maya’s character is the hard working woman. The bread, how do you say that? The bread catcher? The breadwinner of the family and she has to juggle a lot of lot of things. She has to juggle her house husband instead of housewife and the kids and the fabulous mother that she has that lives with them and you’ve got what’s not enough, she’s pregnant.