Safety Systems for High-Risk Teen Drivers
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New studies indicate numerous distractions like cell phones and vehicle passengers put teen drivers at greater risk for fatal car crashes. However, some auto manufacturers like Volvo Cars say they have developed numerous safety systems to help combat this.


Safety Systems for High-Risk Teen Drivers Host: Volvo’s new experimental vehicle is in fact, a safety car, which is primarily aimed at young drivers. In order to rive this car, the driver must first blow into the Alcolock, and then put on the safety belt. If he or she fails the breathalyzer test and does not put on the safety belt, the car will not start. Henrik Forsgren: It’s about sober driving. It’s about speed limiting. It’s about seat belt usage. And this vehicle has an ingredient for all of these three variants. So there is a feature for using the seatbelt. There’s a feature for driving soberly and there’s a feature for limiting the speed. Host: This car also has different keys. With the red key, it’s impossible to drive faster than 60 kilometers an hour. Henrik Forsgren: There are several occasions when it could be good or useful to limit the maximum speed of the vehicle. One example is for young people who recently have taken or passed the driver licence while they think of other cases for professional drivers for example or you can think about the cases as well. So that we think there’s a market for having one normal key for vehicle, and then we have the other key where you have a limited maximum speed. Host: So, what does Marcus who’s 22, and a relatively new car driver, think about Volvo speed key? Marcus Swantesson: Well, I do find the speed restriction in the car to 60 kilometers an hour, quite annoying. But I think that the fact that the car is equipped with the Alcolock system is really good. Host: His mother Vicky, who’s also test driven the car does not share his opinion. Vicky Swantesson: I think it’s a really good idea, and I will consider buying this car with the Alcolock and speed limitations. However, I’m not so sure my 20-year old son will appreciate this much. Host: Some European countries already have a young person’s driving licence, which prohibits the driver from driving faster than 90 kilometers an hour for a certain period. A speed key would be the ideal solution in this case. Volvo has decided to call this system with its different keys, Multilock. But the technology is not simply designed for young drivers. It’s equally suitable for commotion traffic. For example, a distribution vehicle that does not leave the city center ever needs to travel at more than 70 kilometers an hour. The speed key can be preprogrammed for any speed. Volvo has developed this experimental vehicle to arouse interest in traffic safety among both the general public and decision makers. Henrik Forsgren: I think that it’s differently market for this feature. You can easily think of parents, professionals since in several cases where this could be a good feature. Female: According to Volvo, it’s perfectly feasible for Multilock Technology to go into production within the next two years.