Safe Surfing - beginner's guide - #9 - Supervise Social Network Activity
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Social networks have become a part of daily life. Facebook has over 150 million users. MySpace, Bebe, Twitter, and more also have millions of users. As a parent you need to have some guidelines for your children if you're going to let them participate online.


Hi! This is Mike Callahan, Dr. File Finder and welcome to part nine of our special 10 part series on safe surfing. Now in this segment, I'm going to take a brief look at social networks. These include things like Facebook, MySpace, YouTube and many others. The thing about this is that there are so many people on them who has recently published that Facebook has over a 150 million members which would make it the sixth largest country if it was a country. So, if you're going to allow your children to go on the sites like Facebook, you need to setup some policies that they need to know what you expect. So here, I'm on my Facebook page. This is some of the things that are going on here. Here’s friends of mine and what they're doing. Go over here and click on the settings. You have privacy settings. And the privacy settings are often things that are completely overlooked on sites like Facebook. If we click on profile, you can see that you can determine and you can determine for you child who sees their profile. Friends of friend’s, only friends, or you can customize it. I have this so that only friends can see my basic information. And you can turn on all of these different things who sees videos tagged of me, photos tagged me, status updates, work information, only friends. And then you just save those. You can go back to privacy settings and look under search and in this way you can customize exactly which people can search for you, everyone, everyone in the world or your networks and friends of friends, just your friends, only friends and so on. People who can see you in a search can see your profile picture, see your friend’s list, add you as a friend. These are all things that need to be examined so that you can sit down with your child and say this isn’t safe for your personal information to be out there—feed in the wall, you can actively control what information they can see, what they could do in relation to you. So, it's my humble opinion that if you're going to let your children go on social networks as an adult, you need to take some responsibility and sit down with them. Well, this is Facebook, there are similar things on the other social networking sites. And you can go in and configure what they can do and what people can see them. So, take some responsibilities, sit down with your children, go through settings that control privacy and who and what can see their information. And that concludes part nine.