Russian Orphan With US 'Parents' Becomes TV Star
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A Russian teenage orphan who uses an American family's name on Facebook has become the unlikely poster boy of a Kremlin campaign to stop U.S. adoptions in Russia. (Jan 12)


SHOTLIST: RU-RTR - NO ACCESS RUSSIA Chelyabinsk, Russia - 10 January 20131. Maksim Kargopoltsev walking past camera through orphanage rooms2. Close up of New Year postcards, small icons and photos 3. Reverse shot of Kargopoltsev looking at computer screen4. SOUNDBITE: Maksim Kargopoltsev, orphan (Transcript Below)5. Close up of MaksimAP - AP Clients OnlyHerndon Virginia 11, January 20136. SOUNDBITE: Mil Wallen, Prospective Adoptive Parent (transcript below)7. Wide of Wallens8.SOUNDBITE: Dianna Wallen/Prospective Adoptive Parent (Transcript Below) 9. Photos of Wallens with MaksimVOICE-OVER SCRIPT:You're looking at the unlikely poster child of Russia's new campaign to stop U-S adoptions.We say unlikely because this 14-year-old Russian orphan still wants to be adopted by an American family and even reportedly wrote a letter asking the government to let his adoption go through.NAT SOUND RUSSIANMaxim was later filmed on camera denying ever writing such a note.But his intent is still obvious, for instance he uses the last name of the American family that has been trying to make him part of their family.SOT Mil Wallen, Prospective Adoptive Parent: "As far as he's concerned, we are his mom and dad, and wants do anything he can from his side to have that happen. And of course we want to do anything from our side to have that happen." Dianna and Mil Wallen have been trying to adopt him for more than a year. They met the boy six or seven years ago while doing volunteer work in Russia and they say it was love at first sight.SOT Dianna Wallen, Prospective Adoptive Parent: "We always end our conversations with I love you to the moon and back. And he loves us to the moon and back."The Wallens are not sure where everything stands now.The Russian government now says despite the new ban an adoption deal with the U-S will remain valid until 20-14.However a Russian lawmaker who pushed for the ban says he's prepared to take Maxim under his own personal guardianship.______/Associated Press